The amount of time and money Pharma is now spending on digital marketing is slowly increasing. A report from market researchers at Cegedim Strategic Data comparing the ranking of pharmaceutical companies' spend on traditional promotional channels to their presence on Facebook and Twitter, puts Pfizer at the top for both.
The analysis of social network presence focused on the top 100 pharma companies in terms of traditional sales force and marketing channel spending. CSD then identified the top 30 drugmakers for Facebook and for Twitter "based on their presence and healthcare-focused activities" in November 2011. Below are some of the important points to emerge from their data:
1) The US multinational Pfizer ranks first worldwide in traditional promotional spending, and is also present in the top spots for social media presence: third position for the number of Likes on Facebook, and first for the number of followers on Twitter.

2) US multinational Johnson & Johnson (11th, promotional spend) is in second position for the number of Likes on Facebook.

3) Swiss company Roche (15th, promotional spend) is in second position for the number of followers on Twitter
4) Novartis, the Swiss multinational that ranks second in traditional promotional spending, is somewhat behind Pfizer, in seventeenth position for Likes on Facebook, and fifth position on Twitter for the number of followers.
5) Merck & Co is in third position worldwide for traditional promotional spending, and seems to show contrasting positions for social media activity. The company ranks tenth on the number of Likes on Facebook, while at the same time ranks number one for the number of pages. On Twitter Merck & Co ranks fifteenth for the number of followers and third for the number of Tweets.
Here is the link (pdf) to the Press release on Ranking Pharmaceutical companies on their social media presence.