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New Technology Will Catch Alzheimer's in the Early Stages

Alzheimer’s is a debilitating disease that robs over 5 million Americans of their memories. The CDC expects that the number of affected people will rise to 14 million by 2050 unless the right preventive treatment is taken. It can be very painful for...

Posted December 28, 2016    

PPC Marketing Dos and Don’ts for Healthcare Professionals

Pay-Per-Click marketing can be a very effective way for healthcare professionals to generate business. It can also be very expensive if it isn’t done properly.WordStream published a very insightful post on the state of PPC marketing in the...

Posted December 13, 2016    

RN to MSN: 5 Reasons Nurses Should Pursue That Extra Degree

Nurses are often the unsung heroes of healthcare. They work long hours, perform tasks most people would cringe at, and often do it all with an abundance of care and compassion. Doctors may be the ones who make the decisions but it’s the nurses who...

Posted October 14, 2016    

Will the Next President Bring Multi-Payer Healthcare to the U.S.?

This has been one of the most unusual election seasons in recent memory. Among other issues, it has started a debate on the future of healthcare in the United States. Will the next U.S. president introduce plans to migrate towards a multi-payer...

Posted August 17, 2016    

How the Mobile Revolution Will Change Healthcare

There’s no denying it, as of last year the amount of web traffic coming from mobile devices exceeded that of desktop computers. The mobile revolution is clearly upon us. It’s already changed the way we communicate with each other. But how will it...

Posted July 22, 2016    

Are Wearables the Future of Clinical Trials?

For decades, paper-based survey methods have been the cornerstone of clinical trials. In fact, the majority of label claims on the market today are the result of paper-based surveys.Yet there is a growing shift toward electronic data collection in...

Posted July 8, 2016    

5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Health Administration

A career in health administration can be a fulfilling way to combine administrative and management skills with improving patient outcomes. Health care experience, plus a master’s degree in health administration, could make you the perfect fit for...

Posted July 1, 2016    

The Spatial Revolution: GIS in Public Health

 In Hippocrates’s day, the environment was the primary cause of ill-health. Hippocrates describes in his treatise “Air, Waters, and Places” how unwholesome spaces, particularly those in cities, breed all manner of disease, and he encourages...

Posted June 28, 2016    

New Surgical Technologies Are Improving Healthcare Outcomes

Close to 100 million inpatient and outpatient surgeries are conducted every year. As demand for surgeries rises, medical providers are under increased pressure to reduce costs and medical errors. The Affordable Care Act also introduced new reforms...

Posted June 9, 2016    

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