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Socioeconomic Factors Crucial for Provider Performance Measurement in a Value-Based Paradigm

Healthcare reform established several programs to measure provider performance in an effort to improve the quality of care and curb rising healthcare costs.  A key program is the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP), which is a...

Posted February 12, 2016    

Medication Non-Adherence: A $290 Billion Unnecessary Expenditure

Drug therapy problems present a serious issue in healthcare in the United States.  Industry estimates suggest total costs of unnecessary medical expenditures resulting from medication non-adherence to be approximately $300 billion, which...

Posted April 13, 2015    

Big Data = Big Savings in Healthcare

In a post reform era, the digitization of the healthcare information has provided many stakeholders with massive healthcare data sets.This information (aka “big data”) has the potential to address and dramatically shape the healthcare industry as...

Posted March 7, 2014    

Remote Patient Monitoring's Future: The Game Is On

The personal Emergency Response System (PERS) marketplace, which is often associated with providing the elderly and chronically ill population with a remote mechanism for communicating medical emergencies while in the home, is undergoing a facelift...

Posted August 11, 2013