We are transforming how commercial teams in regulated industries create and deliver content and execute account plans.

Our Values

1. Empower our customers.

Our work is focused on unlocking our customers’ potential—not constraining it.

2. Committed to Progress.

We are unafraid to disrupt the market in order to solve the industry’s most challenging problems.

3. Guided by integrity.

We passionately believe true partnerships are rooted in authenticity, integrity, trust, and reliability.

4. Innovate with a purpose.

We create technology that is powerful, flexible, and built around the needs of the industries we serve.


Sales and marketing teams need technology that drives results, not tools designed for leadership to track and manage activity. 

We are focused on our customers' business results and we approach sales and marketing enablement for their teams unlike any other vendor in the marketplace – by focusing on the end-user experience first.  

Since 2000, we’ve served some of the world’s largest medical technology and pharmaceutical companies in the world by helping them create and deliver regulated content and by helping them go to market faster with collaborative sales plans.

Meet The Leadership

Why Choose Prolifiq?

Develop and disseminate consistent, compliant content.

Workflow increases sales and marketing alignment.

Drive sales performance with effective coordination.

Spotlight provides sales enablement tools to drive revenue.

Execute key account plans quicker—and with better outcomes.

Strategy helps strengthen strategic account management plans.