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9 Medical Apps That Everyone Should Know About

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There are several mobile app development companies playing in virtually every niche and the medical field is not exempted as there are several medical apps that make life of users much better. Here are some of the most beneficial medical apps developed by mobile app development companies.

1. Micromedex

You need to pay $3 to download this medical app. The app offers drug dosage and recommendations. Users will only need to search the name of specific drugs on the app and they will get the right dosage and possible side effects of the drugs. They will also get the list of contraindications of the drug if any.

As an alternative, instead of searching for the name of drugs, users can also search for the name of ailments. The app will list out the most effective drugs for the medical condition. The app is known for its simplicity. So, anyone can easily navigate his way through. It supports both iOS and android.

2. UpToDate

UpToDate is another great medical app but unlike the Micromedex, it is completely free to download. It is meant for medical news that includes information about new technological advancements and breakthroughs in medicine. So the app is meant for medical students, medical practitioners, and enthusiasts in medicine.

You can tap on the “What’s New” section to get an update or search for specific topics. All the related news to the topic will come up in anti-chronological order. The app also provides videos on medical procedures. You can also bookmark any page of interest or email it to a colleague or friend. Most importantly, you can save any page for future reference. It supports both iOS and android.

3. Johns Hopkins ABX Guide

This is another free medical app that is highly beneficial. It is also a reference app. Users can search for information about various medical conditions. It will give the list of drugs that are effective for the treatment of the condition. In addition, it will ask a few questions about the patient and offer recommended dosages and precautions for each drug.

The best feature of the app is its ability to break down the cost of each drug in different pharmaceutical organizations. Unfortunately, the app supports only iOS at this time. Users believe that android version of the app is already in process.

4. Red Cross First Aid

This free app offers step-by-step first aid instructions for numerous situations. Often times when an accident happens, people around get confused about which steps to take. This is where this app comes in. With this app, you will no longer be confused when an accident happens in your presence. You only need to search necessary information about the accident on the app. Whether it is a slip and fall accident or an asthma attack, there are enough information and tips to guide you on the app.

It also has safety tips about natural disasters like wild fire, hurricanes, and flood. Since prevention is always better, easier, and cheaper than cure, the app offers several miscellaneous safety tips. It supports both android and iOS.

5. MyChart

This is another free medical app developed by a highly experienced mobile app development company. It gives you all your necessary medical records. You can find out all the vaccinations you have taken and when you took each of them from the app. You can also find out the last time you saw a doctor, the ailment that took you there, and all the prescriptions you received.

The app also allows you to send messages to your clinic and receive response within a few days. From the app, you can request prescription refills and you will get it. The app supports both iOS and android.

6. Epocrates

A great mobile app development company created this free medical app. This app recommends drugs and dosages like the ones outlined above but it goes a step further. It helps you contact the manufacturer of every drug directly. So, if you have enquiries to make about any drug, you can contact the manufacturer of the drug directly from this app. In addition, it also gives information on the providers and insurance of any medication.

That is not all; the app can also perform series of calculations and also help you identify drugs with the use of their physical characteristics or imprint code. The app supports both android and iOS.

7. Doctor On Demand

Of course there will always be one question or the other that you want to ask your doctor but these questions may be too inconsequential to make you book an appointment with a doctor so you will rather let the questions go unanswered. This is why you need this free app. It is a psychologist, pediatrician, and a physician altogether. The app connects you to any available licensed medical practitioner through audio calls or video chats.

You will get medical advice and necessary prescriptions based on your symptoms. While the app is free to download, having a standard 15-minute call will cost you $40. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to choose your doctor as the next available doctor will be assigned to you. It supports both android and iOS.

8. GlassesOff

The app helps you train your eyes for better vision. It saves you the visit to an optometrist for mild eye issues. The app will give you a short test to evaluate your vision. Based on the result of the test, it will provide series of daily training sessions and workouts for your eyes. Your vision will definitely improve if you follow the instructions strictly. The medical app is completely free to download and install and it supports both android and iOS platforms.

9. First Derm

The name of the app should already give you an idea of its function. It is a free dermatology app. It is capable of answering all the questions you have about your skin. Actually, the app takes your inquiry to a professional dermatologist who will respond within 48 hours at most.

In the bid to promote anonymity, the app does not require users to enter their personal information. The app also offers contact information and directions to the nearest pharmacy, dermatologist, and pediatrician. It supports both iOS and android.

In summary, there are several other medical apps but the ones outlined above were randomly selected. It is advisable to share this since a lot of smartphone users are not aware of these highly beneficial medical apps.

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