The Importance of Proper Footwear for Diabetes Management

Anyone struggling with diabetes will need to make sure they have the right footwear to avoid long-term problems.

Andrew Schorr Andrew Schorr

The Incidence Of Kidney Failure Due To Diabetes Is Down – But We Should Not Be Pleased

Diabetes mellitus is the most common cause of kidney failure that progresses to end stage renal disease (ESRD,) meaning that the person requires dialysis or kidney transplant. ESRD is chronic and life long, is complicated to treat, has a major negative effect on quality of life and the costs are high. So it was good news when the Centers of…

StephenSchimpff StephenSchimpff

Can Media handle the Healthcare news?

I enjoy reading Drew Altman’s Pulling It Together column, an easy that usually contains something of interest. Yesterday’s piece (Repeal) was a straightforward summary of the issues surrounding the House’s move to overturn the Affordable Care Act. He emphasized two points he said are often overlooked. The first is that the public is split on the law and there is…

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4 Dental Health Mistakes You Should Avoid

Poor dental health can cause tooth cavities and decay, increasing the risk…

Kayla Matthews Kayla Matthews

The Essentials of Alcohol Detox: What You Need to Know

Alcohol detox is very important for anyone suffering from alcohol use disorder,…

Diana Hope Diana Hope

What Happens After You Donate Your Body To Science?

Curious about what comes after you donate your body to science? Explore…

Andre Jackson Andre Jackson

Fragrance Sensitivity: Exploring Health Concerns in Perfume Usage

Welcome to a world where scents can be more than just pleasant;…

James Warner James Warner

The Link Between Low-Grade Depression and Chronic Stress

Ever felt like your brain is on a never-ending treadmill, powered by…

HWC Editor HWC Editor

Empowering Change: The Impact of ABA Therapy on Autism

Learn how ABA therapy revolutionizes autism treatment, leading to significant improvements in…

Alice Jackson Alice Jackson

Nursing Student Skills: All You Need to Know

All nursing students need to learn the right skills if they want…

Alice Jackson Alice Jackson

Are You Missing Out? Six Signs You May Need More B12 in Your Life

Feeling Off? These 6 Signs Show You Might Be Low on B12…

Aises Jammy Aises Jammy

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