Acceptance and the Changing Face of Plastic Surgery

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  Faces are everywhere these days – just think about it. Chances are you have a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, an Instagram account and possibly a security ID; all bearing an image of your face. Employers, prospective partners and anyone in between, can look at your image whenever they please and will form their opinion of you, based on what they see. In fact, it is interesting to note that in a recent study, researchers made subtle changes to the shape and texture of facial images which in turn, dramatically influenced how viewers judged the overall impression made by the face. This powerful experiment showed how even minor tweaking could affect an observer’s judgement of a number of key aspects of your character, age and social standing. Facial plastic surgery is no longer something to hide. In fact, it is seen as a viable, affordable and effective option for those seeking to rejuvenate and revitalize their appearance. Modern surgery techniques take a holistic view of the face; understanding that aging involves more than just the outer layers of the skin. Plastic surgeons such as Dr Chris Moss in Melbourne, appreciate that optimal results stem from assessing how each individual’s facial anatomy has aged, allowing him to restore it with an artistic eye – creating a more youthful appearance which still looks like you – only better. Facelifts for men An increasing number of men are choosing to rejuvenate their appearance for a range of reasons, including to remain competitive in the workforce. Often the motivation is not to look younger but to look less tired or haggard. While the faces of men and women age in a similar fashion, the areas of concern often differ. This is where a skilled Plastic Surgeon, who understands and appreciates the aesthetics of the male face, is of tremendous value. They understand the way to make a woman’s face more feminine and a man’s face more masculine. An example of this can be seen in brow lifts and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) which need to be executed skillfully to avoid an unwanted feminizing effect on the male face. For optimal results, your surgeon may have to combine multiple procedures to gain the desired effect. One example of this is a lower face and neck lift. If there is excess fat under the chin, liposuction may be required to give the best results. Lower face and neck lifts can produce a dramatic, long-lasting and positive impact on the appearance and confidence of a patient. A strong, smooth jawline and firm neck are vital in achieving a more youthful appearance. To this end, when interviewing surgeons, it is imperative you ask relevant questions about their techniques. One such issue concerns incisions and how these will impact the positioning of facial hair such as sideburns. Take careful note of the side views of his patient photos. Compare the front of the ear in before and after photos to ensure:

  • The scars are imperceptible
  • The tragus (skin where the face meets the ear canal) is not distorted
  • Beard and sideburns are in a normal position
  • The ear lobe is well shaped and not directly tethered to the face.

Managing expectations The aim of a good facelift is to give natural results. Patients need to approach surgery with realistic expectations as to its possibilities and limitations. Aging is a multi-faceted process and there is a myriad of other cues which may be a giveaway how old a person is; such as receding or thinning hair, the condition and color of teeth, the whites of the eyes or loss of muscle tone in the body. A facelift may not make you look 20 again but, well-executed, it can give you a few more years looking like a younger, more vibrant version of yourself – and isn’t that a wonderful thing to have!

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