Botox Effective in Treating Incontinence in Women

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Researchers at Loyola University, Chicago conducted a study that shows that Botox injections and oral medications both work well in reducing urinary incontinence in women, though Botox is more likely to completely resolve symptoms.
They studied a group of 241 women with urinary urgency incontinence for six months. The women were split into two groups — one group was treated with a daily oral medication while women in the other group underwent one injection of Botox to the bladder plus a daily oral placebo pill.
The average reduction in the frequency of urgency incontinence episodes for women taking the oral medication was 3.4 episodes per day. For women who were given Botox, the average reduction was 3.3. The proportion of women with complete resolution of urgency incontinence was 13% with medications and 27% with Botox.
The study was published in the The New England Journal of Medicine.
Of course I am restraining from the Botox comparisons and what it is usually reserved for in medicine. I will leave that to you. Have a great weekend.

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