Celebrate Neurodiagnostic Week: April 14 to 20

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ImageThis week we celebrate Neurodiagnostic Week. So, what is neurodiagnostics, and why is there a week for it?

ImageThis week we celebrate Neurodiagnostic Week. So, what is neurodiagnostics, and why is there a week for it?

According to the ASET – The Neurodiagnostic Society, neurodiagnostics is a field that “analyzes and monitors nervous system function to promote the effective treatment of neurological diseases and conditions. Neurodiagnostic technologists record electrical activity arising from the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves using a variety of techniques and instruments.”

So, now that we have established what it is, you can understand why there is a week for it.

And once again here is the ASET to explain more about it:

“Neurodiagnostic Week is that time of year when we honor and celebrate the contributions of neurodiagnostic professionals. It is a week-long event to demonstrate pride in the profession and in the individual accomplishments of neurodiagnostic technologists throughout the world.”

At LifeBridge Health’s Sandra and Malcolm Berman Brain & Spine Institute, we have a state-of-the-art Neurodiagnostic Lab that offers the Baltimore area the most advanced diagnostic procedures and equipment for patient evaluations. The team in the lab performs electroencephalograms, 24-hour ambulatory electroencephalograms, long-term monitoring for epilepsy and other essential services.

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