How to Manage Your CBD Intake and Take the Best Dosage for You

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  One of the fastest growing markets is the CBD market. As studies reveal the benefits of CBD as more US states legalize it, the market has room to grow. The market could pull in $16 billion by 2025, making it a highly lucrative industry. For the consumer, CBD offers stress relief, pain relief, and some studies point towards mental health benefits. So how should you manage your CBD intake and what’s the best dosage for you? No Recommended Dosage The FDA gives no specific guidelines on how much someone should intake per day, per week, or per month. The truth is there’s no specific dosing guidelines. It differs depending on the person and what they want to get out of CBD. What you need to know is that CBD remains in your system for days after taking it. The elimination hard life of CBD is anywhere from 18 hours to 32 hours. But the duration of the effect of CBD is much shorter. Again, this depends on you. For example, ingested CBD will have a longer effect because it takes longer to absorb it into the bloodstream. So, what can you do to make sure you’re taking in the right amount of CBD? Start Small and Increase Some organizations have tried to come up with charts to dictate the optimal dosage, but the science has yet to back them up. The best advice any new user of CBD can have is to start small and gradually increase until they reach the desired level. It requires a certain amount of experimentation, but it should only take a few weeks to figure out what the right amount for you is. There are just too many variables to give recommended dosage guidelines. With 7% of the US population using CBD, though, we should gradually have more of an insight into recommended dosages over the next few years. Are you currently dealing with stress or anxiety? Since anxiety is very common these days in adults, new mothers and even kids. Many CBD users turn to CBD in order to get relief from common conditions like anxiety and insomnia. Those with anxiety-related symptoms may want to consider starting out at a higher than recommended dosage. Or they may choose to simply take more regularly than a recreational user. For example, someone looking for a strong to moderate effect may decide to take 20mg to start with. People with a heavier weight may need to move closer to 30mg or 40mg as a start. This is why it’s so difficult to determine the right dosage of CBD for anxiety because weight is another variable that influences dosage. Maintain a Diary to Track Progress CBD can have a strong effect if you take large amounts of it. Plenty of people who have first started have assumed and either not got the effect they want or too strong of an effect. The best thing you can do is to maintain a dosage diary. Every time you take CBD, you should measure how much you took and whether it gave you the results you wanted. That way you can refer back to your previous experiments and have a better idea of what your dosage should be. Last Word – Managing CBD Usage It can all seem quite confusing if you’re using CBD for the first time. That’s why it’s best to speak to someone who’s already using CBD. Stores where you can purchase CBD tend to be stocked with experts who can give you some initial guidance so you’re not walking into it blind. Have you tried using CBD for pain relief or stress relief yet?

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