Interview Podcast: Healthcare Cyber Security Issues in 2012 with Alan Brill Vol. 1

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Alan Brill, Senior Managing Director at Kroll


Alan Brill, Senior Managing Director at Kroll

Recently the Cyber Security and Information Assurance Division of Kroll Inc. released their annual top 10 security trends for 2012 highlighting the key areas of risks and trends that will impact how organizations and governments combat and respond to cyber threats.  In this interview, Alan Brill, Senior Managing Director at Kroll dives deeper into their forecasted security trends in 2012 providing his insight on how healthcare organizations can effectively minimize their threat of security breaches, monitor your network, and optimize incident response times.

In volume 1 of this interview/podcast, Alan discusses:

  •  Having a Clear Understanding of their Risks
  • Kroll’s Methodology & Approach
  • Common Healthcare Security Cyber Attacks
  • How to Gain Executive Buy In to Make Security a Priority

Healthcare Cyber Security in 2012 with Alan Brill Managing Director at Kroll Vol 1 by hitconsultant

Volume of this podcast will be posted next Friday, January 27th.

About Alan Brill: Alan Bill is the Senior Managing Director of Secure Information Services at Kroll. The author or co-author of seven books and dozens of articles, he is frequently quoted in the media in his field of expertise. He has conducted analyses of security for a wide range of global companies and led incident response teams handling a wide range of incidents involving personal, health, proprietary, and classified data. He has served as an expert witness in federal and state courts and as a special master for the federal courts. He has provided expert testimony before Congress, having been invited to do so by the majority and minority leaders of the committee.

About Kroll: Kroll, the world’s leading risk consulting company, provides a broad range of investigative, intelligence, financial, security, technology and supplier management services to help clients reduce risks, solve problems and capitalize on opportunities. Headquartered in New York with offices in 52 cities in 29 countries, Kroll has a multidisciplinary team of approximately 2,800 employees and serves a global clientele of law firms, financial institutions, corporations, non-profit institutions, government agencies and individuals.


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