Need Detox? Start with Your Air and Water

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A complete body detox is necessary if you want to live a healthy and energetic life. However, even plenty of fresh fruits and veggies and regular physical exercise cannot provide you with the best possible detox results if your environment is not healthy. Therefore, it?s essential that you start your detox plan with fresh air and clean water.

Purified air for a fresh start

It?s impossible to control the air quality wherever you go, but that doesn?t mean that you can?t do that at your own home. After all, this is where you spend most of your time during the day. Also, it?s very important that the air you breathe in as you sleep is toxin-free. Basically, if you neglect this particular factor in your body detox process, you?ll just repeat the same never-ending circle again and again, while the results will fail to show.

Go green

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are the main point of concern when it comes to your interior. These can be found in various products used in one?s home, such as paint, wood finishes, cleansers, etc. In that respect, it would be best to opt for an eco-friendly lifestyle that will help you keep these toxic chemicals at bay. There are toxin-free alternatives when paint and finishes are concerned. Moreover, you can make your own green cleansing agents. These can still clean the home nicely without any negative consequences on the air quality or your health.

Choose the best air purifier

Even with eco-friendly alternatives, it will be difficult to eliminate all the potentially dangerous air particles in your home. Smoke, dust, allergens from the outside can accumulate in your home without you even realizing that they affect the quality of your life. That being said, the safest option for a complete detox is to install some of the renowned air purifiers. You can choose between different purifier types. There are those that are made for dust and small particles while others are perfect for gasses and fumes. Whatever air purifier you decide to go with for your home, it would still be best to choose HEPA filters that will effectively get rid of all the toxins from the air.

Be responsible

In general, you need to make sure that your house is cleaned on a regular basis. Dusting your place at least once a week, as well as steam cleaning the carpets and wiping the surfaces with a wet cloth, can contribute to the air quality a lot. Open your windows from time to time, as well.

Drink plenty of water

There?s no better way to help your body get rid of toxins than drinking enough water every day. It is said that for the best results, you need to drink the amount of water you get when you divide your weight in kg by 30, or by 66 in lbs. But is the water you drink completely safe?

Filter your water

In general, the water you get from a public source is usually not completely free of contaminants. You can easily check the quality reports for detailed analysis of your water system. This can help you determine what type of water filter is the best option for your home. Some filters are installed directly on the faucet while others need to be attached to the piping system. Moreover, some filters make the water clearer and tastier whereas others focus on minimizing the contaminants. It would be best to ask for professional assistance when choosing and installing your filtration system. Essentially, this will prove to be a lot safer and more cost-effective compared to buying a portable water purifier. Still, if the report on your tap water says that it?s not safe for drinking at all, the best choice for your body detox and overall health is to buy a bottled mineral water. Fresh air and clean water work together like magic in removing toxins from your body and providing you with enough energy to pick up additional detoxifying habits, such as regular exercising. Moreover, hydration and purified air will effectively improve your mood, which can boost your willpower to stick to your detox diet.

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