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Crowd-Sourcing in Clinical Development

Guest Post from Tomasz Sablinski, MD, PhD   FDA’s Janet Woodcock recently…

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Cheap Generic Drugs from Emerging Markets Risky

Poorly made medicines are a greater threat than counterfeit medications, according to…

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FDA Approvs for New Blood Thinner For Knee and Hip Replacements

The drug was not theirs though as it came from Bayer Healthcare…

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Pharma R & D Spending is Down

And that’s probably bad news. Here is Megan McArdle, writing in The…

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How Medicare Spends Its Drug Dollars

Drug Class 2008 Drug Cost ANTIHYPERLIPIDEMICS $6,165,831,884 ANTIPSYCHOTICS/ANTIMANIC $5,698,011,103

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SCOTUS Rules on a Couple of Important Pharma Cases

Clarence Thomas wrote for the 5-4 decision in which companies were shielded…

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