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Tight Dress Sends Joan Collins to the Hospital

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We all want to look good and according to this article the dress caused the actress to become faint. How tight was the dress one may wonder? An ambulance took her to the hospital and tests were run and all was fine. I guess one could wear clothes that are so tight that one could not breathe normally and perhaps that is what happened here and I am guessing there might have been some under garments that contributed too. The ambulance came and took the actress from the big Vanity Fair party, what an exit. At any rate at 77 she still looks great and I’m sure there’s been a little help along the way. BD

All in the name of fashion! Joan Collins left Sunday night’s Vanity Fair Oscars party in an ambulance, thanks to a too-tight dress, Page Six reports. The 77-year-old legend began to feel faint at 10 p.m. and, ultimately, 911 was called. Joan was taken to an area hospital where a bunch of tests were run but nothing turned up. She told the gossip column,”The truth was, I made the wrong decision to wear a very tight dress, and had something rather like a Victorian swoon. The good news is, I am in good health and feel fine today.”

Joan Collins Taken To Hospital Thanks To Too-Tight Dress (PHOTOS)

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