Hello Everyone.
As you may know, I am an American in Paris working in healthcare social media and organizing. Thanksgiving is not a holiday outside the US and Canada*. So I am working today, although I will celebrate later...But we want to give thanks and especially to all the patients bravely paving the way on the web, using, if not creating healthcare social media tools and applications. We would love to help you get your story known, as we have in previous years. Image
Here are some great videos, by epatients Kathi Apostolidis, Sarah Kucharski, Len Starnes.
This year we are holding a new contest with the help of our partner HealthWorksCollective. We will publish  the best stories on the Doctors 2.0 & You blog and present a recap on HealthWorksCollective.  We will also be running a crowdsourcing campaign for patient scholarship grants and apply those sums to hopefully bring one of you to Paris and provide for your stay at the conference. 
We are hoping that some of the readers here will participate in the contest. Your stories can be in text, audio, video files....The link will appear shortly here to fill in the form and be able to send over your contents. 
We are also hoping that some of HealthWorksCollective fans will participate by contributing to the fund we're setting up for this purpose. Please enquire here.
*Thanksgiving in Canada is the 2nd Monday of October.