It has been estimated that over 50 percent of people start their physician search online. And when it comes to health-related information, it is estimated that around 75 percent of adults look to online searches to find the information. What that means for physicians everywhere is that they not only need to have an online presence, but they need to make it count, too!


Having a Website is going to be one of the most effective ways for a physician to attract new patients. But just throwing up a few pages haphazardly on the Internet will not do the trick. There needs to be more thought and effort put into that Website in order to convert those who land on it to new patients.


Here are 5 things every physician’s Website should have to attract new patients:


  1. Friendly credentials. Anyone considering your services will want to know what you specialize in, how you are qualified, and what sets you apart from your competitors. So let them know. But do so in a friendly manner, rather a straight forward clinical approach. Write up friendly information that lets them know you are a caring, yet qualified, professional who is happy to have them set up an appointment.

  2. Simple contact info. Oddly enough, some Websites make it difficult for the person to contact the physician’s office. Whether intentional or not, it can be a turnoff to someone who wants to ensure that they will receive attentive care. Be sure to have your contact information easy to find on the Website. Also, if you have an online contact form, make sure that someone actually checks those messages and replies promptly. You’d be surprised how many people have an online contact form, yet never respond when someone uses it.

  3. Frequently asked questions. The more information you can provide to the potential new patients, the better. There are some questions that everyone has, such as what insurance you take or don’t take. Make a list of your frequently asked questions and add them, and the answers, to your Website on their own page. That way people feel they are getting the full scoop right from the start. By the time they pick up the phone it should be to make the appointment, rather than just ask questions.

  4. Video or a picture. Everyone wants to see who the physician is, which is understandable. Even better yet is if you can hear the person speak, so you can gauge their friendliness. You can either have a picture of the physician, and entire office staff, on the Website, or create a video. The video will give you an opportunity to introduce yourself and welcome new patients.

  5. A way to keep in contact. Perhaps someone found your Website that isn’t ready to make an appointment, or who just had an appointment with someone but would like to switch doctors for the next one. You want to keep in contact with that person, as well as all your current patients. Use a method of keeping in contact with people, such as Facebook, Twitter, or by having a monthly email newsletter that they can sign up for. This way you stay on their radar and may get the call the next time they are ready to make an appointment.


Just having a Website is a start, but it’s not enough if you want to attract new patients, as well as keep your current ones happy. You need to have an effective Website, which is one that meets the needs and answers the questions of those who are looking for a new physician to make an appointment with. Keep the above tips in mind, make some changes, and your Website should become more successful at turning people who land on it into patients!