Delightful Health Conscious Gift Ideas For Your Employees

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The best employers show their gratitude to employees whenever possible. Those in the healthcare sector are no exception. With that said, healthcare business owners are in a unique position when it comes to giving gifts to their workers. The simple truth is they probably want to avoid handing out too many confections and other unhealthy snacks commonly distributed to employees. What?s more, they wouldn?t mind helping employees live healthier in general.

If this describes your situation, consider the following ideas for health-conscious employee gift ideas.

Nutritious food

Providing employees with delicious food doesn?t mean loads of sugar and processed ingredients. For example, employers can buy several turkey vouchers from Pfrcorporategifts which can be exchanged at any store. Several food basket services also specialize in putting together health-conscious arrangements. These and similarly nutritious edibles will prove to be highly popular with your employees.

Fitness trackers

Wearable devices for keeping track of steps, heart rate, and sleep patterns are becoming more affordable every year. Healthcare sector business owners concerned about their employees? health and wellbeing ought to consider buying everyone on the payroll their own fitness tracker. While not guaranteed to motivate employees to be healthy, these devices give them the data and insights which can encourage their ongoing efforts to live a healthier life.

Gym memberships

If you single out one employee and give them a gym membership, don?t be surprised if the gesture is interpreted as an insult. However, give everyone on the payroll a gym membership at the same time and it?s sure to go over well. Will they take advantage of access to a fitness center to get more exercise than they currently get in a week? That?s for them to decide, but additional perks can be offered for those who put their membership to good use.

Water bottle

It might sound pretty lame but a top of the line water bottle is a great gift idea for those interested in something to promote health. The reason is that those with access to an easy-to-clean and durable water bottle are more likely to use it, which leads to drinking more water. For those who don?t know, staying hydrated throughout the day is essential for being healthy and feeling that way. It also helps to keep people feeling full, making them less likely to snack throughout the day.

Recreational activity

Fun activities are a great way to get the blood flowing and give employees a nice change of scenery. A day at the batting cages and putt-putt golf plex might sound inconsequential in the pursuit of better health, but these and similar activities go a long way towards helping employees feel better and get a sense for their physical potential.


Many employers in the healthcare industry are interested in health-conscious ways to show gratitude to their employees. While it sounds like this limits a business owner?s ability to gift workers the things they actually want, the truth is there are several popular options to choose from. It?s just a matter of which ones you want to try out on your staff. We have a feeling they?ll thoroughly appreciate whichever one you choose.

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