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3 Promising Mobile Diagnosis Apps for Medical Practitioners

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Today, doctors and medical practitioners have more resources than ever when it comes to patient treatment and diagnosis. They can combine their knowledge and expertise with the benefits of technological advancement. Mobile devices are making their way into a wide range of professions. The medical field is one that is reeling the benefits of this transition. Doctors and medical practitioners can benefit in using of mobile textbooks, diagrams, and apps. Some of these apps allow doctors to look up diseases, diagnosis, treatment and various other recommendations. Let’s take a look at three or these available on the iOS platform:

Caracal Diagnosis

Caracal Diagnosis is a smart app from a startup company called MDiagnosis. It is an app available for both Android and iOS devices geared for medical professionals. The app allows doctors and medical practitioners to look up a database of over 1,600 diseases along with a database of over 2,200 signs, symptoms and lab findings.

To use this app, medical professionals simply have to enter symptoms, signs or lab findings into the app’s search tool and disease results will come up based on probability. The most likely diseases will be listed toward the top of the results. This feature allows doctors to find possible diseases before waiting days for lab results to come in and start treating patients right away. The app was founded by practicing physicians who developed the app’s algorithm and were testing procedures for around a year. Caracal Diagnosis is available on the Apple Store for $5.99 here and on the Google Play for $5.63 here.

Porter’s Pediatric ALS

Pediatrics is the medical field dealing with children’s diseases, diagnosis and treatment. It is a very complex and important practice that takes a lot of experience and knowledge from any medical practitioner. Children are especially prone to diseases due to their immune system still developing. There is an app available on the App Store for iPhone that will help medical practitioners in this practice and it is called Porter’s Pediatric ALS. Treat this app as a guide as it requires professional care and knowledge to use to its full advantage. Porter’s Pediatric ALS is particularly useful for life threatening emergencies as it offers suggestions and information for such situations.

You will be able to find sections related to trauma triage criteria, rapid triage instructions, mass casualty team player roles, how to run a triage of multiple patients and establish command, and more. It will even help you diagnose and treat multiple patients. The app also offers color-coded messages ranging from immediate care (red), due to the injury being life threatening, to no more need for treatment due to death (black). Porter’s Pediatric ALS is currently available on the App Store for $3.99 and you can grab it here. It comes from renown pediatric expert Bill Porter and was published with the help of Informed Publishing.


Developed by the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL), iLiver is an app that is geared for medical practitioners, particularly hepatologists, gastroenterologists and internal medicine specialists. It deals with the treatment and diagnosis of the human liver. It also offers medical practitioners information and clinical treatment recommendations related to liver complications.

You will be able to check Symptoms, physical findings & signs, management & theory, as well as complications when using this app. It has a loot to offer anyone treating patients for liver problems. It was even independently reviewed and approved by the EASL Governing Board. The app currently supports 19 liver diseases, but more are promised to be offered soon. Check it out on the App Store here for free.


As you can see, there are many great mobile apps being developed for the iOS platform. Some of the apps mentioned in this article are also available on other mobile devices like Android handsets. More doctors and professionals in the medical field are learning to combine technology with instinct, knowledge and training. This is great for the field because it will allow a way to fact check or double check results. When a patient’s health or life is on the line, we want to make sure there are as many possibilities considered as possible and these apps can help doctors in this regard.

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