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3 Ways Saying Sayonara to Cigarettes Will Make Your Life Better

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  Maybe you started smoking when you were a young adult and are trying to break a 20-year habit, or perhaps you sampled your first cigarettes a few months ago and you are hoping to not get hooked on tobacco. No matter the reason, you are ready to quit traditional cigarettes for good. While you are probably familiar with how quitting smoking has a number of physical benefits that start happening almost right away, it will also have a terrific and positive impact on your life in a number of other ways.

You Can Join Your Friends for Walks, Hikes and Trips to the Gym

Once you give up cigarettes, you will be able to start doing physical activity again without feeling ill or winded. This effect usually takes anywhere from one to nine weeks to kick in; and when it does, you will no longer have to decline invitations from your health-minded buddies to go for a hike on a local trail, avoid joining your BFF for a Zumba or Yoga class or tell your dog that you can’t walk him around the block.

You Will Have More Money in Your Pocket

Another way that giving up cigarettes will improve your social interactions stems from the massive savings you will enjoy by not buying smokes. As LiveWell notes, after 20 years, it is estimated that most smokers will have saved a whopping $71,000 by not buying cigarettes. This works out to a hefty $3,550 a year — that’s plenty for lunches, dinners and movie nights with your friends and/or sweetie. Want to see how quickly it accrues? Set up a separate bank account and deposit all of the money you’d normally spend on cigarettes there — this will give you a very tangible idea of how much cash you have saved.

No More Leaving Social Interactions for a Smoke

As the Canadian Cancer Society states, it is not easy to be a smoker. Many public places have banned cigarettes, so you have to leave your friends at restaurants, concerts and clubs to go outside for a smoke. Smoking cigarettes has become so taboo, you might feel you have to sneak away and not tell your friends what you are doing, which can put a strain on your relationships. If you are finding it difficult to quit traditional cigarettes and find yourself pining for a puff during certain social interactions, you might look into a vape as an option for these instances. For example, the myblu device from blu is reusable, ready to go when you are and fast charging. You can easily tuck it into a purse or pocket and take it with you; as a bonus, you won’t get that smoky smell in your car or on your breath.

Improve Your Life in Many Ways by Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is not an easy task. But when you start to look at the many benefits of saying goodbye to tobacco that go well beyond the important physical benefits, you may feel extra motivated. In addition to feeling better, you will enjoy more time with your friends, more money in your bank account and you will no longer feel that you have to constantly find ways to sneak away to smoke.

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