12 Steps of Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

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  Addiction to anything is a disease that not only affects your nervous system but behavior too. Drug addiction means that you cannot fight the desire of taking drugs. You cannot resist drugs’ yearning even though they harm you. Drug addiction includes some illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine, but it is not limited to that. Many can get addicted to nicotine, alcohol, and other legal materials, including the opioid painkillers. The addiction starts with the pleasure you get when you take a drug. You like the way you feel after consuming drugs. You start the consumption with a thought of control over the dose and frequency. But by the time, drugs influence the working of the brain, and you lose your control. The physical changes are long-lasting, and that causes you to lose self-control. As a result, you experience several changes with regards to your physical and mental health. A very notorious thing that prevents you from considering help is the “denial” factor, in which you keep telling yourself that you are all right, but you aren’t. How to cure drug addiction? There is no cure for drug addiction. You cannot take any medication to completely get rid of the addiction without any counseling or therapy. There are treatment programs, which help an addictive to stop the drug usage, which includes medications and therapies and that called rehabilitation program. Many rehabilitation programs follow the twelve-step process, like Turning Point Centers, provides drug rehab programs in Utah. Apart from the drug rehab program, you need to work on your routine and lifestyle to move with a faster pace of life. The 12 Steps rehabilitation program includes: Founder of alcoholics anonymous, an international aid fellowship to provide its member the aim to live with sobriety in the society and stay drug-free believe that the process is life long as an addict is much more likely to become alcoholic after the recovery. AA has introduced a twelve-step process, which allows individuals to work according to their needs. Participants can revisit any step if they think it is necessary. The 12-steps process is here:

  1. Identify that you have lost the power over alcohol/ drugs control. This will help you in cutting the ‘denial factor’ which prevents a person from seeking help.
  2. Believe that there is another power bigger than yours, which can help you regain sanity. This will compel you to think like an optimist.
  3. Believe in God and dedicate your life for his purpose. That is because it’s the only way out of this problem.
  4. Create an inventory for yourself that can help you get a searching and fearless personality. You need to carve a healthy routine for your body.
  5. Believe and admit the nature of your wrongs to God, other humans as well as yourself. This will develop moral courage in yourself and improve your self-esteem.
  6. Dedicate yourself to god to remove the defects of yourself because there’s nothing better than submitting to His will.
  7. Pray to get better because that will instill positive energy in your body.
  8. Think of those who were harmed by you and what amendments you can make to their lives. After you help them, only then will you be able to feel good about yourself as a person.
  9. Try to make direct amends. There’s no need to shy away.
  10. Admit your mistakes and follow the inventory. Take a deep breath and do what your heart tells you to do.
  11. Improve consciousness through prayers and meditation
  12. Get a spiritual awakening.

You can follow these steps not only for recovery from drug addiction but to the other aspects of life, according to AA. The steps are useful to not only get rid of a bad habit or the disease but to be better, sober, and temperate that matches the society. Is there anything else that needs to be done after recovery? The real test of a person begins after recovering from drug addiction. Many survivors start experiencing withdrawal symptoms, which is why doctors keep an eye on them by frequently asking them to visit every few days up. After recovering from the treatment, you will need to carve many good habits to minimize any possible chance of running into this issue again. Simple examples include working out daily, carving good eating habits, sleeping on time, drinking lots of water, returning to work, going on a holiday, socializing with friends, etc. Conclusion: The drug addiction is a disease that needs the treatment, not for one time, but you need to be dedicated not to get the obsession again. There are rehabilitation programs, which follow steps mentioned above, but they may vary, or maybe some have completely different steps, but all of them work for your recovery. The main thing to get the recovery is your dedication against the addiction.

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