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3 Ways to Improve Your Health That Have Nothing to Do With Diet and Exercise

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There is no substitute for diet and exercise. Then again, there is no substitute for a lot of things. People talk about fitness as if all one needed to do was eat the right food and do the right physical exercise and everything will be perfect. That is simply not the case.

This is not to minimize the importance of eating in a sensible and healthy manner. One could spend their entire lives fine-tuning their diet and never quite managing it. In fact, many do just that with exactly that disappointing result. You can’t turn on any television program without being inundated with meal plans geared toward weight loss.

The same is true for exercise. Few things are more important to overall fitness than movement. It really doesn’t matter what kind of movement you do. You will see a benefit in that movement over sitting still for long hours. But there is more to the picture than that. Holistically speaking, you are more than the sum of your diet and exercise. There are yet more things you can do that will make a real difference in your overall welfare. Here are three:

Clean Pipes

You can put in all the water purifiers you like. But they will not be the solution you had in mind until you do something about the pipes feeding water to the faucets. Whole home water purification systems are truly fantastic if you start with new pipes. But over time, pipes get damaged, spring leaks, develop corrosion, and become a source of contaminants.

You might be asking the following questions:

  • How can I reduce leaks?
  • How can I reduce lead leaching to well below EPA standards?
  • How can I affect repairs without breaking the bank and losing the use of my home for several weeks?

In short, what you are asking is, how can I restore my pipes? The good news is there is a way to do all that and protect your family from pipe-based contaminants. We get so focused on healthy eating that we completely forget about healthy drinking. No one can be completely fit if their water is unsafe. By all means, use filters. But just know that you have not completed the job until you do something about the pipes.

Health Tracking Tech

Your overall fitness requires you to do things. And it also requires you to know things. If you do not monitor your health, you will not know what needs to be adjusted. Part of what you need is access to your medical records, test results, and an understanding of what your insurance does and does not cover. This is where key technology additions come into play.

It is now a lot easier to communicate with your healthcare providers via email and text. Moreover, you can do appointments with your doctor via telemedicine techniques. These options should be used in conjunction with the best fitness tech for your situation. You can use tech to log your glucose and blood pressure as well as your steps. Make the most of these signals to keep you and your family in the fittest condition possible.

Mental and Emotional Fitness

Physical fitness, alone, does not make you healthy. You also have to be mentally and emotionally fit. It is vitally important that you tend to your brain health in the same way you attend to your diet. Emotional health is just as vital. Depression and anxiety can lead to an untimely death as much as diabetes or high cholesterol.

Stay emotionally fit by eliminating toxic relationships that contribute to your unease. Spend some time each morning centering your mind and find a center of peace that can get you through the chaos of the day. Take small breaks throughout the day for spending time with yourself and your favorite book. A sound body without a sound mind does you no good.

While it is true that diet and exercise are at the core of physical fitness, there is more you can do. Don’t ignore your water when focusing on healthy food. Use your tech as well as your medicine to stay on top of issues. And be sure a sound mind goes hand in hand with your sound body.

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