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5 Ways to Improve your Health and Carbon Footprint at the Same Time

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Climate change is an impending issue that won’t go away anytime soon. Experts came together in 2019 and determined that we have 12 years to mitigate the impact of the warming climate and degrading atmosphere. While it’s easy to throw up our hands and lament the crimes of major corporations and fossil fuel companies, there are many ways to decrease your carbon footprint and improve your health concurrently. Here are a few methods to do so.

Eat Less Meat

One of the best ways to improve your health and do your best to mitigate your impact on the environment is to eat less meat. The beef industry plays a huge part in climate change. If you stop eating beef in general, your carbon footprint will greatly decrease. Becoming a vegetarian will reduce it even further. The public of the United States eats a lot of meat. It can be very bad for your body to eat too much beef. Making the choice to eat less meat is a great choice for you and the planet.

Buy Organic Products

You can also lessen your negative impact on the environment by buying products from a zero waste store. Many of the items you can buy from one of these sustainable online establishments are also better for your body. Purchase organic soap, which removes chemicals that are harmful to your skin and the natural world. Look into sustainable shampoo and conditioner. You can even find natural toothpaste and cosmetics. Beyond the things you use to clean dishes, clothing, and yourself, organic makeup is much better for your skin. You can even buy reusable cotton rounds that are washable. Use them again and again.

Stop Using Plastic

Another way to limit your effect on the environment and avoid health complications is to stop using plastic. Not only are plastics getting into your food, they are a major contributor to greenhouse gases that warm our climate. Store food in glass containers and heat it up on plates and bowls. Recycle what you can. If you purchase less take out and bring your own bags to the grocery store, you will start to make a difference. Use water bottles that are reusable. Getting plastic out of your life will not only be better for the climate, you will stop it from getting into your body.

Don’t Waste Food

You would be surprised at how much wasting food is bad for you and the natural world. If you are eating out a lot, you are likely wasting food and eating poorly. When you make the effort to use ingredients that you buy from the grocery store, you will be healthier and you’ll be doing your best to mitigate your negative effect on the planet. Waste is a huge part of emissions. Food decomposing in landfills, emitting methane. Methane can be 34 times the impact as carbon dioxide. Not only will reducing waste make it easy to decrease your carbon footprint, you will be healthier when you use fresh ingredients and waste less.

Produce your Own Food

A great way to cultivate health and lower your carbon footprint is to produce your own food. Growing produce in your garden doesn’t just provide vegetables and fruit that don’t have undesirable chemicals, it will lower your impact on the climate. Agriculture is a large culprit for greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere. Growing food with organic farming methods will reduce your effect on the climate. If you have the land, you could even produce your own dairy. With chickens to provide eggs and cows to produce milk, your negative impact on the climate will be mitigated. The dairy will also be produced without the environmentally harmful methods of big dairy companies.

These five ways to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health are great options if you want to create a more sustainable world while emphasizing individual health. By focusing on yourself, you are considering the world. The old phrase is to “think globally, act locally.” When you take into account food, products, and the plastic that comes with them, you will be able to lessen your personal impact on the climate and become healthier in the process.

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