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6 Tips for Preventing Poor Posture in Senior Citizens

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  • Seniors need to take drastic steps to correct issues created by poor posture

Has recent research on poor posture’s lasting effects sent you into a tizzy? If you’ve found yourself rubbernecking at the conveyor belt of hunching-induced ailments, it’s time to iron out the kinks in your posture—before it’s too late.  Be warned that poor posture can cause or worsen a host of health problems for senior citizens.

To address these posture problems head-on, dig deeper and address unhealthy habits at the crux of the issue. For example, many senior citizens suffer poor posture due to unsupportive or ill-fitting walking aids. Fortunately, upright walkers, such as The Perfect Walker, can help your elderly loved ones make strides towards an ache-free future.

Here are six top tips to help you or your aging loved ones correct poor posture, which is vital to overall health.

Invest in a good-posture-promoting mobility aid

Traditional walkers force users to bend forward to use them, which has a significant impact on posture. On the other hand, upright walkers allow seniors to stand upright. This ability can alleviate back pain, prevent further injuries and falls, and will enable them to participate more fully in their lives.

These mobility aid types are also customizable and often just as (if not more) lightweight and portable as traditional walkers.

Eat a healthy, calcium-rich diet

Nothing is as detrimental to your posture as brittle bones. Be sure to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D to protect your bone density and muscular health. In addition, consider taking supplements or a multivitamin.

Keep in mind that a varied diet with foods from all food groups goes a long way in helping digestive health and other issues, contributing to your less-than-stellar posture.

Do easy exercises to strengthen your core

You may have heard the saying, “use it or lose it.” Surprisingly, this sentiment applies to your back strength and posture too. Senior citizens especially should do daily exercises to improve their posture and protect their bones.

Consider joining a fitness club geared toward seniors or hire a personal trainer who specializes in the unique needs of people in your age bracket.

Visit a chiropractor or take other steps to alleviate pain

Very often, poor posture can be a result of untreated pain. In search of a little bit of relief, your body hunches forward. The problem is that a hunching stance can cause more severe problems down the road.

For that reason, experts recommend visiting a chiropractor regularly or working out a pain management plan with your doctor.

Protect your overall health with regular trips to the doctor

Regular visits to your doctor are an absolute must for all issues, including those related to posture. Finding a doctor who you can trust to perform necessary tests and evaluations regularly goes a long way in preventing health problems that can exacerbate poor posture.

Check for other issues that may contribute to poor posture

There are some conditions and diseases that can impact posture, usually originating from osteoporosis. If you’re concerned, talk to your doctor and arrange for further testing and learn how to prevent osteoporosis. Then, follow their instructions and advice to address the bad habits uncovered.

Before You Go

Remember, poor posture can often indicate further health complications and long-term challenges. With a face-forward approach, you can dodge spiral dysfunction and joint degeneration hunch-free.

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