Attracting New Talent to Your Medical Lab

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Are you the owner or manager of a newly established laboratory in need of a reliable team? Perhaps the rising demand for medical research, testing, and diagnostics have prompted you to increase your existing staff. Whatever your reason for trying to attract new talent to your lab, you should know that the process isn’t easy. 

From a shortage of skilled lab workers to the stiff competition from laboratories nationwide, there are a plethora of obstacles you’ll have to overcome. Fortunately, there are efficient solutions that can help you attract the best medical professionals. Continue reading to learn more. 

Provide a Safe Environment

Health and safety should always be a priority in medical labs. However, the current national health crisis requires laboratories to take extra precautions to safeguard their staff. If your premises are efficient, job seekers are more inclined to apply for a position with your organization. 

There are several things you can do to improve the safety of your lab. You can provide PPE to staff, position work stations further apart to comply with social distancing guidelines, shorten workflow processes, increase sanitation and cleaning efforts, and develop a COVID-19 employee plan. Advertising these changes on your website and social media pages make it easier for you to attract potential talent. 

Invest in High-Quality Equipment

Lab workers prefer to work smarter, not harder. If you have outdated technology and equipment, this slows productivity, increases risks for errors, and adds to employee workloads. Investing in advanced equipment is a practical solution. From general lab tools to imaging equipment, you can lease or purchase state-of-the-art devices to enhance productivity and entice interested parties. 

Advertise Remote Positions

Thanks to modern technology, many lab processes can be completed remotely. With the right medical lab software and collaboration tools, you could manage a team of medical professionals from virtually anywhere. Working from home has become an increasingly popular trend amid the pandemic. It also allows job seekers at the most significant risk of contracting the coronavirus an opportunity to use their skills without putting themselves in harm’s way. 

Offer Competitive Salaries

The cost of living continues to rise across the country. As such, job seekers are looking for positions that pay well. If you’re going to beat out the competition, you must offer competitive salaries. Do some industry research to determine average salaries by state. Then, look into other laboratories to see what they’re offering employees. If funds are limited, reducing operational costs and utilizing funding resources can help you allocate the money you need to pay for the talent you want. 

Career Development Opportunities

Most employees want to improve their skills or advance in their careers. Attract new talent to your medical lab by offering career development opportunities. You can cover the cost of trainings, networking events, continuing education courses, and higher education. The best part is, you may find that the talented professional you’re looking for is already on payroll. Giving them the chance to evolve professionally allows them to move up the ladder and fill vacant positions. 

Leverage Social Media

While posting available positions to a job database can generate inquiries from talented lab workers, don’t overlook your social media platforms. You can post job openings, allow employees to provide feedback on their experiences, join online communities, and reach out to potential candidates. 

Go Beyond The Web

While digital platforms are essential when searching for new employees, there are other mediums you can try. Reach out to medical schools and universities to find out about graduates in need of employment. You can attend networking events and get recommendations from colleagues. You can also offer to do speaking engagements and scout talent. 

Hire Temporary Employees

The cost of hiring a full-time employee is high. If they don’t work out, these expenses only increase. As such, it may be to your advantage to work with a temp agency that specializes in the medical industry. Hiring temporary employees gives you both an opportunity to see if it’s a good fit. If you’re satisfied with their performance, you can offer them a full-time position. If they weren’t efficient, you can request someone new saving time and money in the process. 

In the wake of a global pandemic, medical laboratories are necessary to save billions of lives. If your lab is going to rise to the occasion, you need the best medical professionals on your team. The above-mentioned suggestions are sure to help you beat out the competition and attract some of the world’s best experts to your organization.

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