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How Online Pharmacies are Changing Healthcare

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  • Online pharmacies are making a major mark on the healthcare sector

For over a century, the basic business model of prescribing medicine remained the same. Patients would consult their doctors and the doctors would write prescriptions for medications.

Patients would then hand their prescriptions to their local pharmacies where pharmacists would supply the required drugs. While many people still use brick-and-mortar pharmacies to obtain their prescriptions, more and more people are turning to online pharmacies. In turn, that means online pharmacists are able to offer new choices and more control over how patients manage their health. Online pharmacies are changing the face of healthcare and prescription procedures in many advantageous ways. Let’s take a closer look.

Making Ordering Easier for Patients

Seeing as online pharmacies do not require a physical store, they are able to carry a wider range of medications. That enables a greater range of therapeutic options for both physicians and patients. Whereas not every brick-and-mortar pharmacy may be able to fulfill a prescription, a vast range of medications is always available from online pharmacies, ensuring that patients get their medicine much more easily. Online pharmacies never close either, which means patients no longer need to suffer because they cannot pick up their drugs until Monday morning. Medications can be ordered through secure online payment systems after prescriptions have been emailed or faxed. With this increased patient access to online ordering, it is already clear to see how online pharmacies are transforming the healthcare industry for the better.

Creating Fewer Embarrassments for Patients

When you have a queue waiting behind you as you talk to a pharmacist about your prescription in a brick-and-mortar pharmacy, you could be wary of prying ears listening to your discussion about your medical problems. Online pharmacies solve that problem. For instance, men are often embarrassed about picking up prescriptions for medications to help erectile dysfunction. Now, men with sexually-related issues are flocking to online pharmacies where they can maintain their privacy. Medicines like Viagra and Cialis can be ordered easily and discreetly from reputable online platforms like Rex MD.

Keeping Patients Informed with CRM Automation Tools

Online pharmacies are increasing the efficiency of ordering and receiving prescriptions by using various new technologies. Custom Relationship Management automation tools are one thing helping to transform healthcare. CRM automation manages patient interactions via text, email, and social media messaging. From sending periodic wellness newsletters targeted to specific audiences to sending prescription refill reminders, the technology is allowing for many improvements to be made.

Eliminating Information Silos

You may think that online pharmacies are lacking because they do not offer face-to-face patient consultations. But in fact, with the use of state-of-the-art information management systems, online pharmacies are able to combine patient records and CRM platforms to create an omnichannel data repository, where patients’ prescriptions can be managed and verified better than ever before. The management systems enable pharmacists to gain a full picture of patients’ medical histories and how that relates to their present prescription needs.

Adopting Filling Automation Systems

Many online pharmacies are using automated filling systems to enhance their efficiency and provide products for lower prices, due to having more control over labor costs. In addition to the speediness and economic benefits of filling automation tools, the technology also aids inventory management. That means pharmacists will always know whether certain products are getting low, enabling stock to never run out.

Using the Internet of Things

To power newly-adopted technologies like filling machines and inventory management, online pharmacies are turning to the Internet of Things for better optimization and responsive connectivity. The data gathered can help online pharmacies to understand their workforce and tools better to fulfill patient needs.

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