Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad is a serial entrepreneur, digital marketing strategist and founder of GMR Web Team, a digital marketing agency and RepuGen, a healthcare reputation management software. His areas of expertise include marketing management, business development, consumer research, market analysis and strategic planning.
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Quitting Alcohol Once You’ve Found Out Your Pregnant

Pregnancies are both an exciting and challenging time for mothers. This can…

Ajay Prasad Ajay Prasad

Why Your Medical Practice’s Success Relies On Online Reviews

Have you ever looked for medical practices online and did not know…

Ajay Prasad Ajay Prasad

Teledentistry Boosts Patient Acquisition and Retention with COVID-19

During the COVID-19 shutdowns of 2020, many dental practices embraced teledentistry so…

Ajay Prasad Ajay Prasad

How Healthcare Providers Can Use Artificial Intelligence to Generate More Revenue

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is dominating news as the next breakthrough technology. Most…

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