Dariya Lopukhina

Dariya Lopukhina is a technology enthusiast, blogger and contributor to many industry publications and business blogs. She is a professional content manager working at Anadea, an international IT company specialized in building intelligent software solutions for healthcare, real estate and education. Her interests revolve around entrepreneurship, business intelligence and latest digital technologies.
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Role of Custom Design Services in Modern Healthcare

Customization has become a vital aspect of modern healthcare in recent years.

Dariya Lopukhina Dariya Lopukhina

Making Sense Of The Surge Of Voice Recognition Software In Healthcare

  Healthcare is one of the sectors that has been slowest to…

Dariya Lopukhina Dariya Lopukhina

The Rise Of eHealth: Staying Relevant In The Digital Healthcare Paradigm

  Healthcare started to adopt IT in a way that is comparable…

Dariya Lopukhina Dariya Lopukhina