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Healthcare Technology Showcase and Learning Center in Washington DC

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Back in February I wrote about the new Kaiser Permanente facility that opened in Washington DC. There’s a whole lot more to the story as you can see here with the Total Health User side at the same location. When you watch the video it’s impressive with the formats used and simplicity for those who visit to check in and see what’s happening today. If you don’t read here or have missed the technological advances in healthcare, it’s a good idea to check in once in a while as it is moving fast, as research and development has accelerated on so many levels. I do like the look of this huge multi touch video wall. Now if that is not making it easy and accessible for anyone, I don’t know what is. It also looks like you get to play around and look at a hand held ultra-sound device. Didn’t know those exist, well check in at the Quack and I try too keep all updated on all types of both clinical and Heath IT devices as they too are meshing together for better care and information today. The medical center is equipped with digital signage technology, video walls that enhances the member experience while reinforcing preventive care resources. The Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Medical Center Also what I found out about a lot of interesting stuff with my interview with Chris McCarthy of their “Garfield” innovation center in Oakland to back a few months too. He clearly has a great job with not only creating solutions, but also being the open ear to communicate with clinicians and other personnel at Kaiser to find solutions for those situations that arise with new technologies and procedures and you can almost bet his department was right in the middle of the planning and creation here.

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