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CEO’s Sleep: How Many Hours do Entrepreneurs Sleep?

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We all have the same amount of time in a day to work with to be our most productive selves. But productivity can be subjective, especially as you try to compare yourself with some of the most universally acknowledged efficient people in the world.

While the sleep cycles of different leaders of a business can vary greatly, the importance of sleep for proper brain function is something that is acknowledged and accepted across the board. A good and consistent sleep cycle can make a world of a difference in the way you feel a spike and decline in your energy levels, focus, and mood, all things that shape the kind of leader you are.

It doesn’t take a billionaire’s wallet to invest in tools such as the best mattress to solve your trouble sleeping. So what exactly is the secret to some of the world’s most popular leaders and their sleeping success? Here’s a closer look at the sleep schedules of some of the world’s most productive people:

Early To Rise: Kicking Your Day Off The Right Way

While CEOs tend to get less than the medically recommended eight hours of sleep per day, they do average out to get at least six per night. Across the board, most CEOs tend to be early risers, with most of them out bed by eight in the morning at the latest.

Committing the early hours of each morning to clear out time-sensitive but low-level items, such as emails, calls, and time housekeeping items that ensure your day is planned out is the first step towards accomplishing a schedule that mirrors that of successful entrepreneurs.

Slotting different tasks at different times of the day is key to finding your productive groove. If you’re a cranky morning person, it might be useful to commit yourself to doing tasks that require more solo creative energy in the morning and leaving the more collaborative portions of your day to a time where you feel better disposed for teamwork.

Finding The Right Tools To Help You Get Great Sleep

Part of being able to develop healthy sleep hygiene habits is to invest in sleeping tools that are right for you. This includes the best mattress you can find for your sleeping position and a bedroom that contributes positively to the quality of your sleep.

Finding the best mattress can be made simple once you assess your personal needs. Memory foam mattresses tend to be a popular choice for those looking for the best mattresses for a variety of needs. Not only do their soft material provide cozy comfort for any sleeper, but they’re also engineered to contour the body so that they’re well supported, regardless of position.

Other sleep accessories can also help you with your rest. Weighted blankets have proven to be an increasingly popular accessory for beds with even the best mattresses. The even distribution of weight that is present in weighted blankets allows a sense of comfort and security that lulls you to undisturbed sleep.

Famous CEOs And Their Sleep Schedules

Wondering what the sleep schedules of the most famous CEOs in the world look like? You aren’t alone. Here are some of the most popular examples of entrepreneurs with sleep schedules to aspire to:

Bill Gates – While he’d admitted to pulling continuous all-nighters as a young entrepreneur, nowadays, Gates admits he gets a minimum of seven hours every night. He maintains this much sleep is necessary for anyone, regardless of how they feel.

Jack Ma – Ma is the Founder of e-commerce site Alibaba, and has openly discussed the secret to his problem solving: a good night’s sleep. Ma is not far from the truth – a good night’s sleep has been shown to improve cognitive function and processes.

Jeff Bezos – Amazon Founder & CEO Bezos purports to make sure he gets his full eight hours every night. Making sleep a priority allows him to bring the energy and excitement he requires for the excitement to grow the business, he’s said in interviews.

From finding the top rated mattress you can for your sleep, to understanding which tasks to tackle what times of the day, there’s definitely a lot of inspiration to be had from the world’s leading entrepreneurs. Taking what works for you and leaving what doesn’t is going to be key to striking the right balance for yourself and your own work-life – find it, and you’ll discover the productivity you’ve always desired.

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