Stem Cell Treatment Helps Man With Degenerative Arthritis – Video

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This is an interesting interview about the use of stem cells and how this man came imageabo

This is an interesting interview about the use of stem cells and how this man came imageabout his treatment. His wife has a friend who was a veterinarian that was using stem cells to help dogs, so we went on the web and found a treatment facility outside of the US. His recovery time is sooner than most and the therapy is not for everyone, but he was facing both knee and hip surgeries and didn’t need the surgery after all. If the procedure is in fact a potential cure, I would guess that the surgery could still be done later. At any rate this is yet one more case for exploring stem cells. BD

Man with degenerative arthritis with a prognosis for hip and knee replacements and unusable right hand goes to Panama for stem cell treatment is cured in 7 days.

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