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Grow Your Medical Practice Online: 6 Practical Steps

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  • Here are 6 ways through which you can design your website for your patients' benefit.

Business models have changed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The same is true even for the healthcare sector. The internet has given way to a platform where health professionals can offer their valuable services online. Many patients have loved the Telemedicine concept, which offers online consultations.

If you are a medical professional, your medical practice may benefit greatly from the construction of a professional website. I will tell you why:

Nearly half of patients “Google” for a doctor before visiting a clinic, therefore having an official medical website increases your clinic’s online visibility. Patients in your local area will be able to easily find information regarding your clinic on Google and other search engines, along with your location and contact information.

Having a website allows for you and your patients to become more time efficient regarding bureaucratic processes. You can design your website by using various features such as free templates that give your patients the ability to schedule appointments with ease, fill out health declarations discreetly, and allow your medical staff to manage your in-clinic time effectively.

When designing your professional medical website, there are several things to consider. Here are 6 ways through which you can design your website for your patients’ benefit:

1. Design a simple and interactive website

A well-designed, interactive website is one of the best tools to allow existing and potential patients to effectively reach you.

You will have a competitive advantage in the market when you offer your practice’s services online. Be sure to outline your specialized professions, your reputation, and the technologies and facilities available at your clinic.

2. Make obtaining information easy for your patients

All your provided services should be accessible on your website. Describe your clinic’s address and include maps showing its location. If your website is comprehensive and detailed, it can be a huge help in the development of your services.

You must know exactly who your target patients are and use strategic keywords to reach them. Make sure you are as up to date on all matters relating to health, medicine, and surgery as possible.

3. Assure quality for patients

Upon finding your website, patients will want to learn more about their condition and treatment options. When visitors cannot find this information on your website they will move on to other sites, unlikely to come back.

Therefore, you must produce well-structured, expert-written content that will suffice any inquiry a patient may have. Patients seeking guidance from your clinic need to be reassured that they can trust the information given to them about their condition and likely treatment options. In addition to providing reassurance to patients, well-structured and frequently updated testimonials will help a lot for your practice’s credibility.

4. Offer Telemedicine on your website

All aspects of our lives have been impacted by technology, and the healthcare industry is no exception. A telemedicine service also known as telehealth or e-medicine, is a way to receive healthcare remotely, it includes exams and consultations.

You can help patients remotely by offering Telemedicine services on your website, making it easier to reach patients in the digital age.

The use of telemedicine in healthcare is still rather new to many practitioners. However, several advanced medical facilities have adopted this practice. By serving patients remotely through these clinics, these facilities not only earn more revenue, but they streamline their processes to maximize their revenue as well.

5. Write a blog on your website

Consider creating a blog with useful and engaging content if you have the time and resources. Content with popular keywords is one of the most effective strategies since search engines promote websites with rich content more prominently in their search results. Because content is highly shareable, it serves as a marketing tool as well.

Your website will likely gain an increased amount of traffic if you write an interesting article on vaccinations, for example.

A good medical blog should provide news, updates, and evergreen articles explaining different aspects of health.

6. Get a responsive website for improved user experience

You will need a screen-size friendly website design technology called “responsive” technology. Instead of “adapting” to the screen size, a responsive website adjusts itself to the available screen size – such as big screens on PCs and laptops, smaller screens on tablets or mobile devices – and provides an effortless browsing experience for patients.

When completing an online task such as booking, patients may switch from one device to another. A responsive web design will display your website according to how it was meant to be viewed on various devices.


To conclude, especially during these challenging times it is ever so important that we take advantage of the technology that we have at our disposal right now in order to make our lives more convenient. In the medical field, the availability of a website allows people the freedom to get treatment remotely and with fewer bureaucratic complications. If you have any questions about designing a healthcare website, feel free to let us know.

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