Virtual Photo Walk Helps Invalids Experience Nature

March 6, 2012


Virtual Photo Walk


Virtual Photo Walk

A  photo walk by Jared in the Mountains of Utah for M. Monica on Google Plus using a Hangout with an iPhone.

Watch as John Butterill moderates a Virtual Photo Walk for two challenged patients.

Social interaction is a critical factor in health and wellness. Many of our patients have reached a state where they are no longer well, however suitable means are available to improve quality of life.

Google Plus has several ways of collecting individuals with like interests and/or goals.

Virtual Photo Walks provides a platform for invalids to participate in observation of scenic walks, visits to theme parks, cruise ships, casinos and perhaps even city council or other political activities.

Digital Health Space has partnered with Google, Veterans Today, and Vitual Photo Walk in this endeavour for patient advocacy for a group largely lost to social affairs due to limited mobility or very limited access to public spaces. While the Americans with Disabilites Act empowered the mobility impaired in the physical space, Virtual Photo Walks extends this Act into the virtual space with a flick of a mouse pointer.