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Hospital Recruitment Tweaks to Help You Hire More Qualified Applicants

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  • These tweaks are not meant to serve as the only ways to attract top candidates, but they are a good start.

Even when restrictions and the number of in-patient cases is bound to subside as the COVID-19 vaccines are distributed to the public, hospitals need to recover from the impact of the pandemic. Hospitals are still plagued by the effects of high turnover rates as well as the death of medical personnel who were infected with the COVID-19 virus.

These changes not only strain the resources of a hospital, but they also have a direct impact on the quality of care that a hospital is able to provide to in-patients. Whether your hospital is trying to recover from a lack of manpower or if you intend to expand your operations in the near future, these few tips should be useful to you.

Ease the Application Process

If you want to attract more applicants, you have to find ways to make the application process easier and shorter. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you stop asking for documents such as clearances or resumes. Rather, you have to make it easy for applicants to get in touch with your hospital. Emails are a common medium, but you can take it a step further by creating an application funnel on your website. You can even consider using validated online behavioral assessments and personality tests to screen your applicants.

Leverage Sourcing Software

Recruiters use sourcing software to create a database of people who have shown an interest in working with their company. This also includes the people who did not pass the screening process. Maintaining relationships with the people who’ve shown an interest in your company allows you to invite them to apply at your company when you have vacancies to fill.

Communicate with Applicants Frequently

The best candidates likely have a lot of offers from other companies. While you should never rush the recruitment process, taking too long to decide on an application could also cost you a candidate. Nobody likes being kept in the dark, and chances are, if you go too long without updating a candidate on the progress of their application, they’re likely to shift their focus to a different offer, even when they want to work with your company. Remember to update your candidates on the status of their application regularly.

Do Thorough Background Checks

Once you’ve chosen a candidate, it’s important to verify his or her credentials thoroughly. As strange as this may sound, there are fake doctors who have actually gotten hired. Hiring fake medical staff not only defeats the purpose of all these tweaks, but it also puts patients, as well as the hospital’s reputation a risk. Never forego background checks and domestic investigations.

Conduct Peer Interviews

Peer interviews provide recruiters with insight on whether a candidate would be able to work with members on the team. This is especially helpful in the proper placement of a candidate. This is also an opportunity to help a candidate understand what exactly is expected of the role they are applying for as well as what it’s actually like to work for the hospital.

If there’s one resource that hospitals need to secure in order to stay competitive, it’s a top candidate. These tweaks are not meant to serve as the only ways to attract top candidates, but they are a good start.

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