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How Are On-Demand Doctor Apps Beneficial To Users?

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This is true in every aspect. There has been a drastic increase in the varieties of junk food and its consumption by people. We cannot deny that fact. On the other hand, the number of people joining the gym and following diet has also grown simultaneously. But, there are no divergent ways to the fact that even with such advancement in the medical science field, people are suffering from numerous diseases from a young age. The lifespan of people has also decreased. There is a cure for most of the diseases but, what we should focus on is its prevention.

This is where technology steps in. Just like you have food ordering apps, fitness apps, shopping apps, adding one more on-demand doctor app won’t ask for too much storage space. You won’t feel it like a necessity unless you have faced any health-related emergency. Trust me on this, monitoring your health regularly and being prepared for the emergencies can be really beneficial for you and your family members as well.

“You know a healthy attitude is contagious. But, you should not wait to catch it from others, be the one carrying it.”

The entire global mobile health market is growing and is expected to grow 37 Billion USD by the end of 2019 according to the research of Statista. It is because of the benefits that this app offers to its users that the market is growing tremendously. Let me jot down some of them.

Benefits Of On-Demand Doctor Apps To The Users

1) Locating Hospitals

Majority of the on-demand health apps are connected with GPS technology. Hence, in case of some medical emergency, the user can easily search for the nearby hospitals and take the patient there for immediate medical help. This can be of great use when you are visiting another city or country and you are a novice of the area. It can prove to be a life-saving app such times.

2) Finding A Doctor

The app can help the users find a doctor according to the disease. If the user is in need of a dermatologist, he will get the list of the dermatologist. Users can get the desired type of doctors through the app.

3) Check Ratings and Reviews

The users can check the ratings and reviews about the doctor and his service. This way the risk of consulting a bad doctor is decreased. The user can check which type of patients, the doctor has treated and what kind of result they have got.

4) Check Consultancy Fees

The on-demand doctor apps also show the consultancy fees charged by different doctors. The users will know whether the doctor falls under his budget or not by using on-demand doctor app.

5) Location Based Search

The app allows you to do a location-based search for the doctors and hospitals. The user can know nearby doctors or doctors in a particular area.

6) Easy Appointment Booking

The users can check the availability of the doctor and book an appointment at a convenient time. This will avail time-saving and convenience to the users. Easy booking and no waiting queue as well.

7) Get Medicines Delivered

Just like you get food at your doorstep, now with health apps, you can also get your medicines delivered at your doorsteps. The user just needs to register, upload the prescription, make the payment online, and get the medicines delivered without going to the pharmacy.

8) Reminders

The app facilitates the daily reminder for medicines or reminder for the doctor’s appointment or for refilling the medicine stocks, or for water intake or any other thing a patient is under the obligation to do.

9) Receiving and Examination of Lab Reports

The patients can get the lab reports through the app and they can send them directly to the doctor with the app. This way the user won’t have to visit the doctor frequently and yet get the proper treatment.

10) Chatting With Doctors

At times the patient is consulting doctor from another city. Traveling frequently for minor things can be costly and time-consuming. With an on-demand doctor app, the patient can chat with the doctor, share his condition, take the suggestion, and advice without even visiting him in person.

11) Pay Electronically

Having a health app will enable users to pay electronically. They can be carefree about the payment and don’t need to carry cash or cards. They can pay through the app in multiple ways as per their convenience.

12) Virtual Consultancy

If the user intends to consult the doctor virtually without having to visit him, it can be possible with the video consultancy feature of the app. The user can consult and pay the doctor through the app and also schedule the next appointment in a similar manner.

13) Offers And Discount

With an app, the user can also get benefits of discounts and offers. There are offers on labs, tests, and other things and the user can save money on medical expenses.

14) Push Notifications

The user will always be notified about the addition of new doctors, removal of old ones, change of address of your consulting doctor, offers and discount and other change.


By now reading all the benefits, you must have installed one of the health apps on your phone. If not, this is the time you do. If you need any help with the apps you can install, here it is.

1) Practo
2) ZocDoc
3) Pager App

You can install any of these apps and you will have a great experience using it. Now, if you are thinking another way around to develop such an app, you need to figure out the feature listing of the app, how much time it will need, whom should you hire for your app development project, and such other things. Check this on-demand doctor app development page to know all about the when, what, and who.

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