Is Your Low Back Pain Constantly Making You Suffer Every Morning? Tips to Overcome the Problem

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Do you wake up with a worse back pain every morning? Does your back pain affect your daily activities and make you feel sore all the time? Your routine habits and your mattress could be responsible for your sufferings. Choosing best mattress for low back pain could help relax your night time sleep.

However, it is essential to see a doctor if change in your mattress, change in sleeping position and your activities does not alleviate your back pain. There could be an underlying medical condition that requires immediate treatment.

Day to day culprits of low back pain

Your activity level, posture, sleeping position can all be the markers of your back pain and may also aggravate the existing pain condition. Let us first know which one of our daily habits are responsible for continuous strain affecting our back:

  1. Stomach sleepers more commonly suffer from back pain as it flattens the spinal curve thereby straining the back muscles.
  2. This position also rotates your neck and could cause strained neck and shoulder muscles.
  3. Maintaining a single position throughout the night aggravates your pain, a little movement is always necessary.
  4. Extra long hours of sitting at your workplace are the major culprit for strained back in the youth these days.
  5. Sitting in front of the computer puts added pressure while making our spine rounded.
  6. Exercising too little or exercising too much can also be responsible for back injuries.
  7. A wrongly chosen mattress and pillow are yet other painful factors.
  8. Obesity also affects our back and shedding some pounds could help in pain relieving.
  9. Staying in the bed for long also worsen your condition, so keep moving.

Which sleep positions favours our spinal vertebrae?

Any position that allows you to be comfortable all night, gives you a peaceful sleep and makes you wake up fresh in the morning is the best. Though, experts do recommend certain sleeping positions that might help in relieving the stress factors affecting your back:

  • Back sleepers must place a pillow under their knees to allow natural spinal curving.
  • Stomach sleepers should be placing their pillow under the pelvis and abdomen for a better sleep.
  • Side sleeping, amongst the most recommended position must be all crawled up with legs towards the chest and a pillow between the knees.
  • Try finding a new pillow. Using the best pillow for side sleepers will improve spinal alignment. This can significantly reduce back pain.

Features to check in a mattress that provides right support for a comfortable sleep

Follow a simple rule while choosing your mattress “Whatever makes you comfortable is the best”. Keep the following three factors into mind about the right kind of supportive mattress:

  • Replace any old mattress (more than 7-10 years old) with a fresh one.
  • Use a firm mattress over a soft one to get into a better sleeping posture.
  • Mattress toppers ideally are the best for relief of back pain.

Some stress relievers that could give you a peaceful sleep and relive your pain

Our body frequently accumulates stress. Any stress be it physical or emotional gets accumulated in your adrenals causing fatigue and problems like back pain. Sleep is the only way our bodies release all the accumulated stress. Try these stress boosters to help you get better sleep at night:

  • Music is an amazing stress reliever, listening music it before bed makes you calm and prevents from feeling the pain psychologically.
  • Guided meditation can also help you get rid of day to day anxieties before going to bed.
  • Some sleeping aids like wedge pillows could provide additional comfort to your back while you sleep.
  • Cervical pillows and even correct usage of regular pillows could be a great strain reliever.
  • Avoid usage of all electronic items at least 1 hour before bed, if unavoidable use blue light filters to achieve better sleep.
  • A routine not just help babies but adults too to achieve better sleep.

Night time sleep is extremely important for a productive morning. Your body needs rest to regain strength and to give cellular machinery a little rest to be able to function again. Again, good sleep prevents many chronic illnesses. Do not let the back pain affect your sleep and your life.

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