Minn. Governor Requests Bids for Health Care

September 9, 2017

An executive (healthcare) order? Today, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton will be requiring managed care companies doing business with the state in providing coverage to become entirely transparent — by submitting competitive bids for that public-private partnership. Recently, Doctor Pundit cited a developing story in which one of those third parties — UCare Minnesota — decided to donate excess reserves to the state in effort to reduce budget deficits in the healthcare delivery sector.

Under the order, providers will be invited to propose ways in which they can more effectively emphasize patients’ medical outcomes instead of medical procedures, a process that health care reform advocates have long said can curb costs.

Great news. Dayton appears to be calling on private companies providing public coverage to become more competitive, letting the cream rise to the top. Chalk up one victory earned on the path toward quality delivery of healthcare in Minnesota.