Physician Leadership, Patient Flow and the BID Team Huddle

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patient flow team huddle and physician leadership

How often do you find yourself putting out fires and running late in your office day? If it is more than just an occasional inconvenience … you need this simple and powerful patient flow and physician leadership tool.

Instant Patient Flow Improvement in 3 Min BID

You  may feel there are all sorts of hangups in the existing systems in your office – those are topics for your monthly meetings. The Team Huddle is how you optimize patient flow NOW … this morning or afternoon within your existing systems. It lowers stress for everyone on the team and will get you home earlier each day you use it.

Watch the video below for complete details
for a better week in the office – Starting Tomorrow.

Show Transcript

Physician Leadership, Patient Flow and the BID Team Huddle

Dike Drummond MD

Have you noticed that your practice days don’t often go as smoothly as you planned? Frustrating snags in patient flow seem to come up out of nowhere and you find yourself putting out fires and running behind again and again? Well in this short video, I’m going to show you a physician leadership tool that takes just six minutes a day that will help you smooth your patient flow, get home earlier, and each and every time you use it, you’ll build a better and more powerful clinical work team.

Hi, I’m Dr. Dike Drummond from and what I love about this physician leadership tool is it works immediately to lower your physician stress levels and prevent physician burnout. If you use it tomorrow, you’ll see the benefit as soon as lunchtime.

So what’s the big secret? Actually, there is no secret. You’ve almost certainly heard about this physician leadership and patient flow tool and maybe even use it now and again. It’s called the team huddle and here’s how it works.

Physician Leadership, patient flow and the Team Huddle:

At the start of every half day in the office, morning and first thing after lunch or every day you’re in the surgery center or in the OR, gather together everybody on the team who is part of your patient flow — from the time the patient make the appointment through the office visit to the time they leave the facility … reception, nursing, anyone else that’s involved all in a team huddle like a football huddle with a copy of your schedule. It just takes three minutes, but what you do as the physician leader is help your patient flow team look at who’s scheduled and who has special needs, who needs a special room or equipment. The receptionist will know who is upset so you can be aware of that, what openings you have in your schedule, and how you’d like those dealt with. Together, you and your patient flow team use the team huddle to prevent the fires that would otherwise break out – and seem like they came out of nowhere.

The team huddle incredibly simple and extremely powerful when it becomes a habit in your practice.

Why is the team huddle so important to physician leadership? Well without a team huddle, you’re always reacting to problems as they’re occurring. You never get to catch up and all the members on your patient flow team are in their own silos. They each have important information, but there’s no communication between them.

With a team huddle, not only do you get ahead of your problems and actually prevent them, but it lowers the frustration level on the part of everybody on the team and makes two additional very important things possible for the first time. One, you save time. You can actually get some of your charting done during the day and get home sooner. Number two is even more important, you send a powerful subconscious message to your patient flow team that their input is important, that you value their suggestions, and that you’re functioning as a true team to address the patient flow in the office. You’ll get better and better as a patient flow team every time you use the team huddle.

Now here’s the danger of the team huddle concept.

It’s so easy to understand you’re probably not going to do it. I know that if you’ve listened this far on the video, that you’re a physician leader actually interested in making a change in your workday, lowering your stress, getting things done, getting home sooner. So rather than just give you more information, let me challenge you to create a transformation. I double dog dare you to take my one-week BID team huddle challenge. Here’s how it works.

If you accept the team huddle challenge, huddle up with your patient flow team twice a day three minutes morning and afternoon for a full week and then email me at the email you see down here on the page. Send me an email and tell me how it went. Tell me what happened and what you learned and I’ll get back to you directly with additional team huddle tools and tips, troubleshooting if you ran into any challenges, and I’ll even show you some power tips to make this an even more powerful experience for you and your team.

I want you to know I’m completely serious in issuing this challenge. Because as a physician leader, if you want different results in your medical practice, you must take different actions. This is one way to do it. Expand your physician leadership skills by taking me up on the team huddle challenge, send me your results by email, and I’ll get right back to you.

Dike Drummond here at and if you’re looking for more free tools to de-stress your days, prevent physician burnout and learn practical physician leadership tools, look right below this video screen and you’ll see a link that you can take back to website. Until we meet personally, you keep breathing and have a great rest of your day.

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