Preparing for a Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation surgery is regarded as the most common plastic surgery procedure in the United States. It’s estimated that close to 300,000 women in the country undergo this procedure every year, so if you are about to add to the statistic yourself, getting your mind and body prepared for surgery is important. No matter the reasoning for it, here is how to best prepare for a breast augmentation.

Learn About the Surgery

Knowledge is power, so the more research you do into breast augmentations, the better. It’s likely you have already hit the internet and looked into what the surgery typically entails, but if you want to get a first-hand, honest insight into what awaits, there are forums you can join that past breast augmentation patients are part of. You should also head to YouTube and watch videos about the procedure which should answer any queries you may have.

Find a Suitable Surgeon

Understandably, it’s vital that you pick the right surgeon for your breast augmentation. One of the best boob job clinics across Canada is SpaMedica that you may want to look into. Before deciding on a clinic, make sure you read ratings and reviews from past clients. Any reputable surgeon will proudly display their testimonials on their website and blog. All reputable surgeons will have excellent communication skills and be able to address any worries or concerns.

Get Your Finances in Order

Once you’ve decided that a breast augmentation is the right route to take, you must have your finances in order. The total cost of the treatment can easily fall into the thousands, so depending on the location, surgeon, and sort of implant used, you may end up spending over $10,000 on this procedure. It’s important that you’re honest with yourself regarding your finances, as the last thing you want to do is take out hefty loans to cover the cost. To avoid being in tons of debt once the surgery is over, tracking your income and outgoings is essential.

Have a Strong Support Network

No matter the reason for your breast augmentation, the procedure will change the look and feel of your breasts forever. Even if you believe you’re well prepared for how they will look, you may become overwhelmed and find the change hard to take in. Therefore, having a strong support network around you made up of family and friends can help you in the recovery stages.

Make Post Surgery Arrangements

Once you’ve found the right surgeon, got your finances together, and have people to support you, it’s time to make post-surgery arrangements. There are many factors to take into account, such as how you’re getting home after surgery, booking time off work, and the recovery process. In the immediate aftermath, you must have someone with you who can keep a close eye and help with food prep and keeping you safe.

There are numerous reasons why thousands of women undergo breast augmentations. If your surgery date is on the horizon, referring to the guide above can help you prepare for the procedure and ensure you’re ready for what the future holds.

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