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Pros And Cons Of Supplements In Your Daily Diet

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Supplements are getting a lot of attention lately and everyone seems to be taking one thing or another to better their lives. However, what do you know about supplementing your daily diet? If you can’t say you know much, here’s a little list that will guide you through all the pros and cons of taking supplements.

You can supplement your poor diet

While this is not the best reason to take supplements (having a healthy and clean diet full of nutrients is key to having a healthy body and mind) some people who know that their diet is not the best, can benefit from supplements. Vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and other compounds you get from a balanced diet, might skip you if you’re too busy to cook, shop for groceries or eat enough. At least with supplements, you provide your body with nutrients it needs to function normally.

You can prevent certain disease with the right supplements

For instance, many doctors recommend pregnant women to take folic acid while they are with a child to prevent spina bifida. Also, physicians might prescribe vitamin D supplements to people who have issues with bones. This vitamin allows adequate calcium absorption and can boost the strength of your bones. The best source of vitamin D is sunlight, so if you can’t get enough of it during the day, your only solution is to take some supplements. Vitamin D is also beneficial for cognitive decline, skin issues, osteoporosis, and several other physical and mental issues.

Omega supplements are also widely recommended. They became more mainstream in the last 30 years and showed great results when it comes to boosting health on many fronts. And the best thing is that people of all ages can benefit from omega-3 supplements! According to some studies, kids can improve their learning ability when taking omega-3, but also prevent various diseases. Omega-3 fatty acids can ward off heart disease, anxiety, depression and other conditions like ADHD, asthma and various skin disorders.

You can boost your athletic performance

If you hit the gym regularly, especially if you’re a professional and compete in events, you know how important nutrition is for boosting your performance. But, there are dietary supplements like pre-, intra and post-workout formulas that can also help you train harder, improve your recovery and gain the upper hand over your opponents. Companies like Bulk Nutrients developed many amazing supplements that can help athletes get the most out of their workouts and nutrition. From pre-workout drinks to post-workout recovery supplements and protein-enriched desserts, you can get a full palette of supplements that will allow you to be the best and most powerful version of yourself.     

Supplements aren’t a substitute for eating

Whit that many amazing benefits of supplements, it’s very easy to forget that they are not perfect. For instance, while you can get nutrients from both foods and supplements, experts agree that foods are a much better choice. Supplements just lack the complexity of natural sources. There are many people who completely give up buying fresh food just because they take supplements.

You can’t absorb high dosage

You might choose to invest in high-dosage supplements, but your body will oftentimes only choose to absorb a small amount, which means you’re just wasting your money.

You can stop your body from absorbing nutrients from food

If you’re constantly filling your body with artificial nutrients, your body might give up on trying to absorb them from foods. Also, certain nutrients don’t react well with each other, so you might be achieving the opposite effect.

You can overdose

Some fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin A, D, and E) can cause an overdose if they reach toxic levels in your body. Too much calcium can cause hypercalcemia and result in vomiting, frequent urination, weakness, and even kidney stones. Vitamin C overdose can cause diarrhea.

They can interfere with your medication

People who take medication need to consult with their physician before they start taking supplements. Some supplements can interfere with medications and counteract their effect which can result in potentially life-threatening situations. So, if you have any existing medical conditions, ask your doctor for their opinion on supplementation.


Like everything in life, supplements have their pros and cons. However, if you do your research, follow the instructions and eat responsibly, they can greatly improve your health and ensure you feel better than ever!

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