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6 Technologies Changing Healthcare for Mobility-Constrained Seniors

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Smart technologies are poised to make it convenient for caregivers and adult children to better support the elderly, even as those seniors continue to live an independent life.

As roughly 10,000 boomers turn 65 every day, many prefer to continue living on their own. Still, the number is intimidating, considering that current senior housing facilities can’t accommodate the rise – and it’s unlikely that a vast volume of new elderly housing facilities will be constructed in the near future.

Fortunately for seniors, though, they might just be aging at the right time. That’s because healthcare technology for mobility-constrained elderly has never been better. Over the past 5 to 10 years, with the increasing development of innovative mobility products, elderly care has significantly improved courtesy of the technology related to these advancements.

As the technology adoption rate rises among this demographic, below are six technologically advanced gadgets that can make a difference in the lives of the elderly.

  1. Elderly-Friendly Staircase

Sensors may allow caregivers to track movements around and within homes, but they do little to improve the mobility of aging family members. Balance problems, arthritis, and other medical issues can make walking around especially challenging for the elderly living in multi-floor homes.

But with the introduction of mobility-friendly technologies like the elderly-friendly staircase, moving around is less of a hassle. Latest models of senior-friendly staircase use springs to collect and store some of the energy an individual spends walking down the stairs and returns it to them via an under-the-feet boost on the way back. However, it doesn’t remove 100% of the effort needed to climb stairs, enabling seniors to maintain some level of fitness.

  1. Sturdy Rise Chairs

Rise chairs, also known the recliner or lift chairs, are basically recliner chairs with a lift mechanism that tilts the chair forward to lift it up. This enables seniors to get in and out more easily and safely. But the lift function and ease of transfer are only among many benefits offered by modern vendors of this chair; new options provide a full array of powered positions in addition to lift, including zero gravity, lay flat, Trendelenburg and even a settle-in-and-cozy-up position for regular daily activities like watching television.

Some models include heat therapy, as well, and pre-programmed massage features providing coverage for the back region. Adjustable air lumbar back support may be present, too. For those who rely on rise chairs for hours of comfort, advanced models come with backup battery and one more important advantage: they have back wheels – the chair can be tilted back and rolled where the user wants it.

  1. Multi-Functional Can Opener

For seniors suffering from arthritis and other ligament problems in their hands, a task as simple as removing a jar lid or removing plastic packaging can seem like a mountain to climb. In scenarios like these, anyone will almost stump for one of those round, one-touch can openers but it’s always ideal to consider something with more than just a single function. Something that could sit in their kitchen and simply do all the work for them.

That’s where multi-functional can openers come to the rescue. With the assistance of these sleek yet chunky appliances, seniors just need to fit a can or jar into a minor platform, press the button on the device and watch it complete the task in a matter of seconds. The latest variants are built with super strong stainless steel and feature easy to hold handles that offer excellent gripping. No more wrestling with the jar or can.

  1. Mobility Scooter

For most individuals, walking barely demands conscious thought. For seniors, though, walking difficulty compromises not only physical wellbeing but also emotional safety. Commuting is central to their daily lives – doing errands, going to work, visiting friends and family. Without mobility aids or assistance, walking difficulties can result in increased depression, isolation, and anxiety. Often seniors seek solutions from physicians for their underlying walking difficulties, but physicians frequently fail to understand patients’ functional issues.

For these reasons, the demand for mobility scooters on the rise. Owning one can introduce elderly to a new lease of life. As well as the physical benefits of using a mobility scooter, there are mental benefits, as well, with the peace of mind that there’s low risk of fall-related injuries. Companies like Fenetic Wellbeing offer hands-on demonstration on their mobility scooters for a tiny fee. Hands-on demonstration is a terrific way to get a feel for the product as well as in-depth information from a specialist.

  1. Smart Vacuum Cleaner

It doesn’t matter what age seniors are, they all like to take pride in their homes. But it can be tough to keep everything spick and span on a daily basis when their fingers, feet and back aren’t as swift as they used to be. Luckily, they can use smart vacuum cleaners like Neato Botvac Connected to take the weight off their shoulders.

The Neato Botvac Connected is easy to use and to robust enough to clean every nook and cranny, and it can also be programmed on the users’ smartphones. The newest model comes with refined navigation capabilities. Older Neatos were too efficient for their own liking, covering the center of rooms back-and-forth and sweeping along the walls. The Botvac Connected is more thorough: it sweeps across edges of the wall, and the center of the room in columns and rows multiple times, as well.

The Highest-Rated Vacuums without Beater Bar are also helpful if they clean more bare floor area than carpets.

  1. Sock Aid Kits

These are basically adaptive dressing equipment designed to help users pull on stockings or socks if their mobility is permanently or temporarily disabled. An added advantage is that it enables elderly to regain their independence. In the package, users get foot chutes that their socks slide over, allowing them to insert their foot inside, then pulling handle straps to pull the sock on and the sock aid kit off as it travels up their ankle.

A good option is Eva Medical sock kit. It functions with a range of varying sized feet, including arthritis-stuck feet and large-sized feet. In few cases, if users’ lack upper body strength, it can be challenging to put the sock on, especially if they are the thick, compression type. Hence, lightweight socks work best with sock aid kits.

These technologically advanced devices can truly transform seniors’ quality of life, giving them the confidence they need to live independently.

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