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Tri-Care Formularies To Be Listed on Epocrates

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Last month Epocrates announced they too are entering the medical records market, so add one more. It is interesting to see how some of this is evolving today with companies that have perhaps a portion of the puzzle and then expand to bring in the one stop shop concept with expansion, seeing a lot of this of late. For years I have relied just as a consumer on looking up medications through my mobile device and have shown it to countless physicians. The free offerings from Epocrates are great for consumers as well. I can subscribe to and look up coverage on pretty much any drug I desire. Pretty much since I stared this blog there’s also a quick look up box that goes to Epocrates. I try to make things easy and accessible around here and so while reading here, if you need to do a drug look up, it’s here. BD

FALLS CHURCH, VA – TRICARE, the Department of Defense healthcare program, has contracted with San Mateo, Calif.-based Epocrates to offer physicians mobile access to the TRICARE formulary list. Officials say that improved access to drug information at the point of care will translate into improved the doctor-patient relationships, better care delivery, and cost savings for military families. “Epocrates provides a convenient way for healthcare professionals to keep up to date on formulary information and make appropriate prescribing decisions for our patients,” says LTC Stacia Spridgen, director of the TRICARE Management Activity’s Pharmacoeconomic Center.

DoD enlists Epocrates for TRICARE formulary access | Healthcare IT New

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