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A Virtual Nurse for Hospital Discharge

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This voice sounds very familiar…like those videos we see on the web that have some humor usually:) 

This voice sounds very familiar…like those videos we see on the web that have some humor usually:) 

This is not humor (voice sounds like Xtranormal) here but instead of dealing with a human it looks like there’s a new automated choice on the horizon.  Click on the image for the link to watch. People actually liked this better than a human and I might go on to say is that part of the reason for this is that you can do it in your own time.  To have 2 humans available at the same time today to converse and handle information is getting to be more of a challenge every day.  BD 


Researchers at Northeastern University have developed a virtual nurse and exercise coach that are surprisingly likable and effective—even if they’re not quite as affable as the medical hologram on Star Trek. In fact, patients who interacted with a virtual nurse named Elizabeth said they preferred the computer simulation to an actual doctor or nurse because they didn’t feel rushed or talked down to.

A recent clinical trial of the technology found that Elizabeth also appears to have a beneficial effect on care. A month after discharge, people who interacted with the virtual nurse were more likely to know their diagnosis and to make a follow-up appointment with their primary-care doctor. The results of the study are currently under review for publication.


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