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What Are the Economic Effects of Poor Dental Health?

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First off, this topic is quite striking because you think to yourself how possible it is for poor dental health to affect a nation’s economy. The effects of poor dental health encompass far beyond the usual toothache, stain, cavities, and other tooth issues.

But poor dental health, according to dentist Dr. Leary, can impede the structure of an economy to a large extent. The people of a nation constitute an economy; without the availability of able-bodied individuals, the economy will dwindle.

Most people do not understand the severity of poor dental health and how it can affect society at large. The domino effect of a particular state or city with poor dental health can be catastrophic, so much so that the standard of living will depreciate.

The question on top of this page is screaming out at this point. What then are the economic effects of poor dental health in the world today? With the following points, you will see the dire consequences of poor dental health and how it can gradually severe a country’s economy.

Poor Dental Health Leads to Diseases

The body is an entity that has interconnected parts which many are not even aware of. You would be surprised to know that poor dental health can lead to terrible diseases that can lead to death.

Unfortunately, there are not enough reforms and programs to educate people on the dangers of poor dental health. Poor dental health has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory infection, and some grave complications to the health and survival of many people.

Furthermore, the bacteria that is developed in the subgingival pockets of the teeth can enter the bloodstream. If this is not treated quickly, it can cause Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, if the same bacteria gets into the brain, it can damage the nerve and render a person completely dysfunctional.

People with poor dental health do not realize that their mouth becomes the above for bacteria to thrive. As you breathe, bacteria can end up in the lungs, which can cause horrible chest infections. There are other distinct complications of poor dental health causes. People can suffer from gum diseases, weak bones, pneumonia, and disorders in the immune system.

It is also a popular finding by health practitioners that one of the signs of diabetes is gum disease. With people suffering from these diseases, it will affect the nation’s productivity and the economy. Cardiovascular diseases and immune system disorders are major health issues that can cause death.

Poor Dental Health costs a lot of money

Salvaging the medical conditions that have been caused by poor dental health has been estimated to a tune of billions of dollars. More people are neglecting dental health and being susceptible to dangerous diseases.

The cost of the various treatments has affected many companies and families in the world today. These diseases that people suffer from poor dental health lead to a high cost of treatment. They also affect the level of productivity among employees and eventually hamper company revenue. Unfortunately, the state of absenteeism due to tooth loss, tooth decay, and other tooth-related issues continue to grow yearly in many countries.

It shows that poor dental health affects people’s professional and personal lives in more ways than one.

Poor Dental Health Affects Children

The developing countries have many issues that they deal with; there is political instability, social injustice, ethnic wars, poverty, and lack of quality medical care. As a result of the poor dental health situation in many countries, children tend to suffer severely. There is no access to quality healthcare that can ensure the children are properly taken care of. Therefore, the future of a nation continues to suffer.

The high cost of dental care in these countries also hinders the proper treatment of patients that suffer from gum diseases and tooth-related issues. Developing countries have a high rate of edentulous people from 65 years and above.

Poor Dental Health Impedes on Unemployment

Let us look at the personal side of things. People that suffer from poor dental health will not have the confidence to meet with people. Asides from having a bad breath, but tooth decay and other issues can bring down a person’s confidence. The fact that the person is unfit physically and emotionally will hinder the success of any job-hunting exercise. So, in essence, there is no way they can get good jobs with poor dental health.

This is why people are urged to educate themselves on the dangers of poor dental health. Meet regularly with a dentist and help others who do not have access to healthcare.


We must take care of every part of our body. The mouth is a sensitive part through which diseases can come. Therefore, brushing your teeth regularly and visiting the dentists with your family can improve the state of the economy one step at a time.

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