It has taken me a while to catch up and recover from being at HIMSS12 last week, but I've finally had a chance to sit down and reflect on what I saw and learned during that busy week.  So below are my higlights:

  • Thoughts from Biz Stone
    • Opportunity can be manufactured! You can create it!
    • Creativity is a renewable resource. It is infinite! Challenges are fun puzzles; not problems!
  • Thoughts about the Future from the Smith and Hobbs presentation on Clinical Mobile Applications: 
    • 500 million people are expected to manage health concerns with smartphone apps by 2015 according to Research 2 Guidance 2010.
    • "Drive discovery about behavior, adapting to person and optimizing behavior"
    • The convergence of biology and machine
    • We need to establish risk model taxonomies for consumers, providers and manufacturers for safe & secure apps.
    • We need sensors to pick up signs that an intervention is needed in healthcare, just like our cars are doing today.
  • Guam HIE Project that demonstrate its Secure Messaging capabilities using the Nationwide Health Information Network Direct Project for coordinated care and disaster communications.
  • Kaiser Permanente launched its new Mobile Optimized app giving members access to their medical records, refill prescriptiosn, appointments and messaging via mobile devices.
  • The There's an App for That presentation demonstrating apps for vision, hearing, sleep, sobriety test, contractions/labor, smoking cessation, heart rate, spirometry, Airstrip, AED, allergy alert, EKG, podiatry, and more.
  • Seeing MicroBloggingMD a microblogging platform used for secure hospital communications.
  • Learning about Happitique which classifies apps for professionals which helps with the sorting process of the thousands of available apps and provides an enterprise mHealth solution. 
  • Talking to several people about the move toward BYOD (bring-your-own-device) and the associated risks (including data security) in healthcare environments. (Stay tuned for an BYOD post to come.)
  • Learning about HealthInfo Island, Health Support Coalition, Cancer Co-Op, AIDS and HIV Support, etc  -- communities on the virtual world 2nd Life.
  • And, getting an update from Zac on Louisiana's HIT/HIE activities.

But, the absolute best part of the week was finally meeting several of my blogger friends in person! Talking with them in person gave us a chance to bring our relationship full circle.  Some I just met this past year, but I've known two since first starting to blog in 2005 -- @hospitaltony and @techguy.