4 Essential Eco-Friendly CBD Shopping Tips

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  The CBD industry is compatible with green living. Earth911, a major environmental blog that has talked about the potential of the CBD industry to be a net positive for the fight against climate change. However, that doesn’t mean that all CBD purchases are equally beneficial for the environment. It is important to monitor CBD purchases carefully.

Making Inteligent CBD Purchases as an Eco-Conscious Consumer

CBD is such a fantastic compound, and it’s no surprise that you’d want to incorporate it into your daily routine. From CBD oils to gummies, there’s a product out there for everyone. But then, there isn’t a website out there for everyone because you can’t always trust all CBD manufacturers and suppliers. It can be especially difficult to find the right CBD products if you are concerned about protecting the environment, because you won’t find as much information on their carbon footprint. In this post, we’ll discuss four essential tips you should adhere to when you’re an eco-friendly consumer shopping for CBD online. Make sure that the e-commerce website is secure. This particular variable isn’t so important for the environment, but it is something we felt needed to be addressed. You need to understand the cybersecurity infrastructure of the sites that you use to purchase CBD products. Cybersecurity is becoming a growing concern in the world today, as more and more organizations are being breached. The hackers aren’t just after virtual money like cryptocurrency anymore. They want something more valuable – user data. With your information, they could drain your bank account or sell your data. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that you’re buying from the right sources. The best way to know for sure is to only buy from sources you’re familiar with. This includes websites that you or someone you know has used before. Also, larger websites tend to have more security than smaller ones. You should keep an eye on the payment processing for CBD that the website uses. If you don’t recognize it, don’t input your details. Look at the THC content. THC is another cannabinoid that’s present in hemp and marijuana. However, unlike CBD, THC elicits different effects on people. It’s responsible for the “high feeling” you get when you smoke marijuana. If you’re going for CBD products, then the odds are that you don’t want any THC. The THC content is also highly correlated with the carbon footprint, since different strands of cannabis require different amounts of water and energy to grow. Also, products with a high THC content will leave a higher carbon footprint, because they can release more toxins into the environment. Unfortunately, all CBD products contain THC (at least in some trace quantities, usually around 0.3%). However, some contain much more than that. You should check the list of ingredients to ensure that the products you’re buying have the right quantities of THC. Besides the fact that you’d be paying for a product you don’t want, you should know that some states have laws that prohibit the content of CBD that’s allowed in any product. Buying the wrong product might just get you in trouble. Check the certificate of analysis. CBD products are classified as supplements in the United States. That means that unlike drugs, they aren’t regulated by the FDA. The closest thing you can get to the authentication of CBD products is the certificate of analysis. A certificate of analysis is usually issued by a third-party lab, and it shows that the products were made in a lab that’s up to standard. Any manufacturer with a certificate of analysis will flaunt it with pride and joy. It’s on a seal of approval. However, if the manufacturer you’re buying from doesn’t have a certificate, it’s either they don’t think it’s necessary or they don’t have one. Either way, you need to ask some questions. If they don’t have a certificate, you should look for another vendor. You can also see how they are rated by environmental agencies. Some CBD manufacturers understand that many of their customers are concerned about the environment, so they show green certificates with their products. Read the reviews. You’d be surprised at how many things you’ll discover when you read product reviews. They can tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of the products and the manufacturers! Reviews are especially important for finding out how effective a product is. Since the companies can’t make health claims, you need first-hand reports of what the CBD products can really do. If you’re going to read reviews, start from the 1-star ones. They tend to be the most truthful among all the reviews. Some CBD products are reviewed by people that care about the environment. You should read these reviews too.

Make the Right CBD Purchases if You Want to Protect the Environment

The CBD industry may be good for the environment, but that doesn’t’ absolve you of the responsibility of being a good consumer. You need to take the right steps to protect the environment, which includes buying the right products.

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