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4 Things That Could Happen in Health Reform

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For every person that is happy with the way the healthcare system is set up, there will be another person who is vehemently against the ways things are run. With the upcoming presidential election this has become a hot button issue. Regardless of who wins the election there will be some healthcare reforms in the works as the country needs to keep developing. The following are some things that could happen in the next couple of years as far as health reform goes.

Obamacare Repealed

Many Republicans have threatened that they will repeal Obamacare as soon as possible. Whether this is possible or not, the candidates are relying on the fact that they will need the backing of the Senate and House of Representatives to have any chance of changing this law. This could gain steam as many people receiving the penalties for not purchasing healthcare have been much more intense than people had anticipated. While there are critics of the policy, a few modifications might be able to please a majority of people. The two party system might not allow for this as compromise hasn’t been the specialty of the government in recent years.

Make Insurance Companies Actually Compete

Right now many insurance companies do not need to compete as far as price goes as everyone is required to have some form of health insurance due to Obamacare. There are incredibly high health insurance rates in some places with less competition, and a high cost of living can spend 4 to 5 times the national average. Alaska is one of those states as the low number of doctors mixed with the high cost of living make it a nightmare for many to even get the most basic of coverage. Insurance fluctuates state to state so letting other states regulate this could make for a better system where the consumer is protected instead of the insurance company having the upper hand.

Public Health: Things To Watch Out For

Disaster response took some heat during 2005 for the response to hurricane Katrina. This has not changed but now the big debate is that of how to respond in case of a spree shooter or riot. With the unrest that has been going on with Missouri the country needs to be better prepared for riots and protests that turn violent. Michelle Obama started a public health campaign to help curb childhood obesity. This included nutritional education as well as increased physical activities in many schools. Infectious diseases are another thing to watch out for as well. The Ebola outbreak which was proceeded by Swine and Bird Flu showed a need for improvement in quarantine and early detections of certain illnesses.


Telemedicine hasn’t been perfected by the technology available makes it more plausible than ever before. This will give the best doctors in the world the ability to consult with a patient. The wearable technology that many people will be investing in will be able to give vital signs to the doctor virtually. Finally with telemedicine a person can have around the clock care. Doctors will also be able to lower certain prices as the checkup will not take the time of a physician’s assistant and the more prevalent telemedicine gets, the doctor might not even need a physical office. This will be a huge wave in the future especially for those who work abroad but want to still have a checkup with their primary care physician. The biggest thing these doctors will have to worry about is lumbar support as they can sit at a desk all day for the first time in their careers. Healthcare will continue to develop in a variety of ways. Whether it is the treatments received or the policies that dictate needs for insurance the landscape will continue to change. Get ready for these changes or just be aware that they might happen. Healthcare is important and is unlike any other industry for a variety of reasons. Stay informed and stay current when it comes to your healthcare.

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