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5 Aspects Of Your Health You Cannot Ignore In 2020

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  A new year is right around the corner, and that means you have an opportunity to prioritize your life and accomplish all your goals. Many people take this time to focus on their health. However, some aspects of diet and routine get pushed to the wayside once the spring comes around. This year consider bringing these neglected aspects of health into the forefront of your life to become a well-rounded person and be your best self. 1. Dental We all know that it is important to brush teeth, but often we do the bare minimum. Studies have shown that flossing regularly can actually lengthen our lifespans. Focusing on dental health can significantly improve overall health. In addition to the self-care tasks we do at home, we also need to make sure to visit the dentist regularly. Professional cleanings are much more thorough than what we can accomplish on our own. If you don’t already visit the dentist every six months, make sure you do in 2020. You can quickly and easily book appointments online with clinics like Dentist North York, or find one local to your area that is accepting new patients. 2. Visual Visual health is becoming more important as people spend an increasing amount of their time in front of screens. The blue light from electronic devices can be extremely damaging over time. Consider investing in glasses that protect your eyes from this negative light. Let this be the year that you take precautions to protect your eyesight so that you can see well throughout your life. 3. Auditory Many of us love listening to music or podcasts through headphones. However, if the sound is turned up too loud, we could be causing ourselves long-lasting hearing damage. Consider turning down the volume on everything you listen to so that you can preserve your hearing for years to come. It would help if you also considered wearing earplugs when engaging in loud activities such as mowing the lawn, playing in a band, or doing construction work. It is recommended that you wear earplugs when exposed to any sound at 85 decibels or above. 4. Mental Don’t let anyone tell you that it is “all in your head” anymore. Poor mental health is a serious issue that affects people all over the world. Luckily, society is moving towards being more accepting of these problems. Don’t be afraid to seek out treatment such as therapy or medication if you are not feeling like yourself. You are not weak if you need help. It takes a great deal of courage to admit that you require outside assistance to live your best life. 5. Social Make 2020 the year that you cut toxic people out of your life and build friendships and relationships that will stand the test of time. You deserve to be happy, and if there is anyone in your life that is actively making you unhappy, then you have a right to put yourself first. If your “friend” does not celebrate your successes and help you through your defeats, then they may not be as good of a friend as you may have thought. Do not be afraid to set boundaries. Spend more time with people that make you feel good about yourself and less time with people who tear you down. Conclusion We cannot buy our health. We must instead invest time and effort into its success. While diet and exercise are clearly important aspects of a healthy life, don’t forget about your dental health, eye, and auditory health! Spend time enriching your life with quality people and time to yourself. We must work on all aspects of ourselves to reach our healthiest and happiest state. Good luck on your journey toward a happier and healthier you. Happy New Year!

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