How Music Can Transform Your Health

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Dr. David Samadi Advocates Music as a Natural Treatment for Ill Health

According to prostate cancer specialist Dr. David Samadi, music, especially classical music, offers people an alternative way to become healthier. Known as a language that every culture understands, music helps people connect even when they speak different languages.

Music is a Mystical Entity

Various types of melodies harbor mystical characteristics enabling people to feel positive and negative emotions ranging from tremendous feelings of joy to devastating feelings of sadness. Consequently, people who want to use music as a vehicle for obtaining improved health should focus on listening to tunes that influence positive emotions. In addition to helping people cope with depression, music also helps specific medical conditions.

From Treating Prostate Cancer to Advocating Alternative Treatments

Dr. David Samadi, a physician specializing in the treatment of prostate cancer, appreciates the growing trend of treating diseases via alternative methods. As the current Chairman of Urology and Chief Robotic Surgery of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Samadi is committed to helping patients conquer their illnesses. Music is an important spiritual food providing nourishment to the mind and body. Researchers agree with Dr. Samadi when he explains that the genre has an amazing effect on a person’s state of wellness. Listening to soothing music has a positive effect on a person’s psyche and physical health. Music can change a person’s mood within a few moments.

Music Offers the Power of Persuasion

In addition to treating prostate cancer with a robotic surgical procedure, Dr. Samadi believes in the persuasive characteristics inherent in music. Accordingly, the doctor wants his patients to comprehend the mysterious transforming powers that music has on their lives. Of course, the type of music makes a huge difference in the healing process. Research has demonstrated that classical music has its own peculiar powers. People who listen to classical music may experience lower blood pressure results when they visit their physicians. These results occur solely from listening to music and not from taking prescribed medications. Dr. Samadi wants people to know that music can accomplish the following health benefits:

  1. Lowering of Blood Pressure Levels

Nerves and stressful feelings contribute to high blood pressure. For instance, a patient’s blood pressure often demonstrates significantly higher levels when the test is taken in a doctor’s office. One way to lower a high blood pressure reading is to listen to the musical compositions written by classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In addition to lowering blood pressure, many researchers believe that listening to Mozart’s music improves memory and other functions related to the brain. Some researchers think that listening to Mozart can actually make a person smarter.

After conducting a study on the positive effects of music, researchers representing Ruhr University Bochum in Germany came to the conclusion that people benefit from listening to Mozart and Johann Strauss II. The study showed that the music composed by Mozart and Strauss had a greater positive impact on blood pressure levels and heart rates than the music composed and performed by the Swedish rock group ABBA. Keeping in line with this train of thought, research studies were heavily conducted in a previous decade showing that classical music helped plants grow whereas heavy rock and roll music caused delicate plants to wither away and die.

  1. Music Reduces Anxiety Levels

A person who suffers from anxiety attacks may benefit from listening to comforting melodies. In addition, playing a musical instrument can help an individual conquer negative emotions. Studies have shown that one way to reduce stress is to join a church choir. People who sing together as a group, especially soothing spiritual hymns, experience a feeling of oneness. In a different scientific study, premature babies who listened to traditional lullabies were able to sleep more soundly and gained better appetites. Plus, listening to music with their parents created unique bonding experiences.

  1. Music has the Ability to Alleviate Pain

Listening to music can help relieve pain. In 2013, a study of people with fibromyalgia, an illness causing severe muscle pain, demonstrated that listening to music every day for one month resulted in a reduction of pain when compared to patients who never listened to music during the same time frame. Furthermore, the participants reported that feelings of depression were significantly reduced. Another study conducted in 2015 revealed that listening to music before or after undergoing surgery benefits patients. Music reduces pain and lessens anxious feelings.

  1. Music may Help People with Immune System Issues

Studies conducted at the Max Planck Institute and Sussex University showed that patients have abilities to recover faster when they listen to happy tunes during their hospital stays. Stress hormones, also known as cortisols, became dramatically lower when the patients listened to uplifting dance music. Plus, immunoglobin A, a major defense mechanism of the immune system, became stronger.

  1. Music Helps People Stick to Exercise Regimes

Listening to music while working out helps people exercise longer. A study conducted in the United Kingdom revealed that people could stay on treadmills for longer periods when they listened to music. Exercising while listening to music featuring an upbeat tempo enables people to use oxygen in more efficient ways. Plus, music makes exercise less of a chore. It is much easier to perform any type of physical exercise while listening to music. Homemakers who listen to music while washing the dishes or mopping the floors experience positive emotions when performing mediocre chores.

Music Provides an Uplifting Experience

According to Dr. David Samadi, music lifts people out of the doldrums and elevates their spiritual natures. Music is a recognized blessing that every person in the universe cherishes. Dr. Samadi is a strong believer in treating diseases via alternative methods. Although he also advocates traditional medicines and treatments, the doctor knows that people can experience greater happiness and good health when they incorporate music into their lives. Music is a natural gift offered by the universe. Its healing abilities have been demonstrated throughout history. Music therapists witness miraculous results when they introduce melodious treatments into the lives of their patients.

Music Lives Within a Patient’s Mind and Heart

Whether a person suffers from a traumatic brain injury, high blood pressure or a debilitating illness, music offers a natural remedy that remains outside the laboratory and inside the mind and heart of its listener. Dr. Samadi believes that patients should apply preventive therapies that help them live healthy lives without constant medical intervention. People who love listening to music may also want to learn how to dance. Dancing is a positive activity that accompanies favorite tunes. Plus, dancing provides an excellent and enjoyable form of physical exercise.

Dr. Samadi Advocates Paying Attention to the Good Things Life has to Offer

Dr. David Samadi has a reputation as a celebrity doctor. His innovative SMART surgical procedure for prostate cancer helps men live their lives without having to worry about being impotent. Plus, the procedure helps prevent prostate victims from becoming incontinent. Always striving to find new ways that benefit his patients, Dr. Samadi advocates prayer, meditation, walking, dancing, listening to music, learning to play a musical instrument, reading a classic novel and spending time exploring other cultures via travel experiences.

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