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5 Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Healthcare

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The healthcare segment has definitely witnessed a major shift in the last few years as earlier the industry only focused on one particular disease only but in present times, with the help of excess processed food and endless work shift human lifestyle has upgraded by coming with an innate compromising on general health.

The modern gadgets like smartphones and healthcare developments are replacing the traditional ways of monitoring and recording systems by giving an option of undergoing a full consultation to the people in the privacy of their own homes. In present times, the doctors halfway around the world from the patients by performing surgeries in means of remote surgery and telesurgery. Let us look at the following five breakthroughs which has occurred last year by making new wonders that are being created.

AR-based Surgery and changes in Brain Chemical

The augmented reality surgeons are visualizing bodily regions that cannot be seen with the help of naked eye as it is displayed as worn before the eyes to overlay information on the world. The doctors can use HoloLens googles where 3D images are built up on to the real objects that are priceless for blind surgeries such as extraventricular drain placement.

The harmful drugs cause alterations to your brain chemistry which makes it difficult for a regular drug user to stop utilizing drugs even in the most difficult consequences. A serotonin 2C receptor has been created as a therapeutic for restoring the weak brain signals caused by an overdose of drugs. While undergoing this treatment, people may go through less drug-seeking behaviors and attain a more attainable recovery as faster as possible.

DNA Modification and Biopsies

A genetic disease namely junctional epidermolysis bullosa was treated successfully in Europe in terms of DNA modification. The disease lefts the skin thin and fragile as paper because of faults occurring in DNA. This treatment involves removing patches of healthy skin from the affected body containing DNA faults and repairing it with a customized virus. When grafted back to the person, the modified skin grows healthier by next two years.

One of the rapid methods for detecting the early cancer detection is Liquid biopsies which can uncover ctDNA and cell-free circulating tumor DNA that are one hundred percent more prevalent in our blood than tumor cells. The ctDNA is tearing apart from tumors into the bloodstream with the help of routine checkups and sooner the permitting cancer care can be programmed individually for each person.

Peanut Allergy and Pills for Influenza

People suffering from peanut allergies are to avoid the legumes by all costs of preventions. When you consume capsules containing peanut flow, it was found that more than half the number of kids can tolerate a pair of peanuts which can be as a triumph as a person’s body becomes adaptable to tolerate at least one peanut by minimizing the life-threating reactions.

Medication named Tamiflu is created for the people who are struck by the flu for instant relied on as it helps to make the symptoms tolerable. Although the pill requires a regular dose for five days, the researchers are coming up with the flu virus which can be an average of 24 hours by taking only one dose. Such faster actions will help to cut down the greater speed of the virus on the aspects of contagion.

Efforts for Cancer Vaccine

The University of Stanford has announced that they will come up with the unique cancer therapy among humans with the prior trials on mice by injecting immune-stimulating agents that could eliminate all traces of cancer by prohibiting its potential metastases build-ups.

Paralysis and PRP injections

The spinal stimulation has now been fine-tuned to the lengths that the patients who are suffering from paralysis are getting capable of walking. By using the Electrodes, it is implanted to provide electrical stimulation which can be directly supplied to the spinal cord which allows movement of paralyzed legs. An effective regenerative therapy that can be tried for those people who are suffering from foot and ankle injuries is defined as Planet-Rich Plasma (PRP). It can be considered as a normal therapy as a person uses his or her own blood to heal joints and treat pain by increasing the blood flow to the injured area.

Exciting times ahead

We can see how medical research and medical technologies are constantly improving and saving lives on a daily basis. The breakthrough lists are going to be the future development which is worth watching as many more incredible innovations are always on the ways.

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