5 Ways Tech Will Change The Health And Fitness Industry In The Future

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  The global fitness market is currently valued at $87.2Bn with over 201,000 clubs and over 174Mn members. Of this, the US alone accounts for $30Bn. The growth of the fitness industry has been consistent over the years. The main reason for the transformation and increasing value of this industry can be attributed to the increasing health insurance costs and awareness among the consumers to stay fit and happy. A lot of people wear fitness bands and other wearable gadgets that help them keep track of their fitness and allows them to stay fit. There are affordable gyms present in the vicinity, which has made fitness accessible. The mobile solutions are the most important factor for transformation, as they inspire the users to access fitness solutions, workout and stay fit. People are also moving away from junk food and towards fit food and solutions as a result of fitness app solutions. One can say that the fitness and health industry is being transformed due to the existing and new emerging technologies. Let’s take a look at how technology is reforming the fitness industry. How is the Fitness Industry Transforming? 1. Personalized Recommendations The first thing that drives the fitness industry is a healthy way of living. each individual thinks and works out differently. As a result, the gyms and personal trainers need to work on offering good and personalized services, which can improve the fitness levels of the person in concern, and can offer them recommendations customized to their needs. With Artificial Intelligence technology, the healthcare app will consider the past data, the present weight, and other health details, and offer diet and workout recommendations that will help them achieve the goal. The algorithm will work on all the factors that need to be considered before giving out personalized recommendations. 2. Quicker and Effective Analysis Whether you want to measure your goals or analyze if the symptoms indicate a particular disease, then you can opt for Artificial Intelligence, and use it for concise analysis. The healthcare industry benefits from this aspect. Feeding the machine with the factors that will indicate positive analysis for the disease will be fed into the machine. Whenever the patient’s condition matches the algorithm, the machine will indicate positive, and the caregiver will take steps in accordance with the results. This kind of algorithm works best for breast cancer analysis and other critical disease analysis, as it needs to be more accurate. With human involvement, there is always a chance for error. 3. Increased Virtual Presence Mobile app development has garnered an increase in the virtual presence for both the healthcare and fitness industries. From the doctors to the gym trainers, all are available to maintain good health, and that too virtually. You don’t need them to be available in your location for them to be able to train you.

  • The doctors can attend to patients, and offer them an immediate resolution to the problems they are facing with the video chatting and other facilities.
  • Surgeons can learn surgery and advanced techniques through Virtual Reality. They don’t need to be present in the same room but, they can always be a part of the surgery happening elsewhere through this technology. They can keep themselves abreast of the advance techniques and the latest trends.
  • In the case of fitness, having personal trainers earlier meant you had to be in the same place as them. Not anymore! You can in fact train from anywhere in the world, with a fitness trainer from anywhere else in the world. For instance, the fitness trainer could be from Australia while you are in Canada.
  • In case the gyms are located in different locations, then these franchises can converse with each other virtually. The virtual model of communication through video and other instant messaging services have made it virtually simple and efficient.

4. Track Your Activities With the health and fitness app solutions that are wearable friendly, you can easily keep track of all the activities and enhance your fitness levels. The wearable gadget allows you to monitor your blood pressure, oxygen rate, and even other health-related parameters. This will help the healthcare provider know how fit you are and will be able to administer the care solution accordingly. In the case of the fitness industry, the wearable can communicate with the fitness equipment and can connect and keep a tab on your fitness journey. You can measure the runs, the activities you perform on a single day and other things with the wearable. In case you have entered a specific goal into the machine, then the wearable will ensure you complete your goals, and will even help you measure the success of goals and how much you have achieved. In case you are new to meditation, the fitness wearable will help you get into the state of mindfulness, which will help you keep track of the success of your meditation. You can even time and track your sleep with fitness bands and wearable gadgets. 5. Seamless Operations and Franchises With technology by your side, you can make sure that the different franchises of the same gym or medical unit look and feels the same. There is no dissimilarity in equipment, standards or even the look as a result. You will design the spaces using the same software, which will help maintain the look you have created originally for space. This way you will not feel that the two fitness units located in different spaces are any different. Apart from this, you will also be able to manage seamlessness in the operations. As a result, when your users relocate, they will feel that there is no change in the fitness regime. There is an app for almost everything, and technology has certainly revolutionized both the fitness and health industry. The apps offer workout modules, help you with maintaining your diet, keeping you fit and even measuring your vitals and recording them on a daily basis. Summing Up Technology has become an integral part of the health and fitness industry. There are various improvements in the way the industry operates and offers seamless solutions to users with the help of technology. Most of the problems faced by the users are being corrected and the gaps are being closed with the help of technology. In fact, technology is offering an all-inclusive solution to the end-users. If you are planning an app solution, research and study the industry in-depth, and understand the gaps that exist. Identify the problems users are facing, and you will be able to identify a good solution that will improve the user’s experience.

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